Maajoune the famous “dough” from Morocco

The word Maajoune =  معجون    comes from the word   Aajina = عجينة.  It literally means dough, meaning any sort of mixing flour and water together so as to obtain dough. It basically means mixing things together. It is up to you to choose the ingredients you like to use. Down below we give you the Maajoune as given to us by a dear local friend from Morocco.

Instead of preparing the usual Christmas pudding or turkey, have fun experimenting with this recipe and the one after, a variant, still potent nonetheless … You can prepary it anytime, doens’t have to be Christmas!

The Moroccan Way:

Take a chunk of butter (250 grams), melt the butter into a pot together with finely ground cannabis flowers. Stir the butter and the cannabis flowers for 5 minutes until the fine powder of the cannabis flowers has completely become one with the melted butter. You can follow the same procedure, using the oil (olive oil or coconut oil) instead of the butter. Stir for as long as it takes for the butter/oil to become one thing with the cannabis flowers (powder). Stir on low fire for a good 5 minutes. Never stop stirring during the five minutes and remember to keep a low heat while stirring. You don’t want to burn it and waste everything.  Add water (about two cups/glasses) to the mixture and keep stirring for a good 2-3 hours until the water evaporates and you are left with the pure oil. Turn off the stove and put the pot on the side letting it cool down overnight. Take a fine knitted rag and with your spoon, start pouring the oil in it. Remember to clean your hands first. Hands must be washed first. Continue pouring, slowly, the rest of the oil, and filter, until the last drop, by twisting and wringing and squeezing the fine knitted rag . You want the plant material to remain in the rag and all the oil seeping through it. Done! You have now extracted everything from the plant material like the leaves for example  as well as the flowers. now left with the pure concentrated oil which you can use in the most varied ways. Be very careful as it is very potent, up to between 5 -8 times more potent than the flower itself. It would be better to always mix it with something else such as a spoon or teas spoon of olive oil, or with a dab of honey for example. Now that you’ve got your pure concentrate oil, it’s up to you how you want to use it. Be responsible. You can also use it to make cakes and/or cookies for example. If you want to make a chocolate cake, take the cannabis flowers, toast them first in the oven for a very short while. Pre-heat the oven at 100°. The idea is to have the flowers toasted in such a way that once you grind them in between your fingers they are crumbly. Once the cannabis flower become a fine powder, put it on the side. Take a chocolate bar and melt in bain-marie on low heat. When the chocolate is melted, take the cannabis powder and add it to the melted chocolate. Mix the two together and stir the mixture until the chocolate has absorbed all the powder. Do not let the chocolate cool down, use it immediately with the other ingredients to create your own brownies, or chocolate cookies, or chocolate cakes, or chocolate pudding or anything that you want to invent. Instead of the chocolate you can use the butter if you prefer. Butter, as well as cannabis infused oil can be used in a variety of recipes. You can also use the hashish instead of the cannabis flowers. If you do, remember that the final result will be much more potent…

Maajoune (variant):


                           2 CLOVES

                           20 GRAMS OF CUMIN SEEDS

                           35 GRAMS OF POPPY SEEDS

                           15 GRAMS OF CINNAMON

                           500 GRAMS OF BROWN SUGAR

                           30 GRAMS OF BUTTER

Mix the ganja with the butter and leave it on the side for many hours. Overnight is good.

Pour the sugar in the pot with a long handle and add, slowly, water while mixing until a saturated solution is obtained.

Warm it up until you see that it starts making ( thin ) threads. This happens at, around , 110° Celcius;

Add all the other ingredients except the ganja and you start cooking it until it becomes thicker ( around 150° Celcius ).

Remove the pot from the fire and mix it with the ganja-butter mixture adding a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate.

Pour the new mixture, that is now cooling down, onto a greased surface, preferably marble, and start spreading it rightaway until you get a thin layer.

Let it cool off and you’re ready to serve it in small chunks.

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