The arrival of cannabis in New Caledonia


Cannabis arrived only a few decades ago on this French Pacific island, some tribal elders talk about 1950 (World War II) with the presence of Americans. Others evoke the 60’s and 70’s with the Hippie / Woodstock period; There are many legends about it and some even speak of several hundred years, something that could …

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Cretan cannabis

Crete cultivar

The Cretan is another classic heirloom strain from Greece, the seeds from this domesticate plant were collected in the early 90’s from mountainous villages of Rethymno area on the island of Crete.These 90’s Cretan genetics, due to the outdoor open pollination techniques, contain high genetic diversity and expressing various phenotypes with similar characteristics and superior …

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Lebanese Red and Blonde hash plants

Lebanese cannabis plants

The origins of cannabis cultivation in Lebanon date back several centuries ago, being a major tradinggood already in Ottoman times. Indeed, the Ottoman Empire was in constant need of cannabis fibre tosupply its Navy, thus developing a huge hemp industry throughout its territories. Traditionally, cannabishas been grown in Lebanon in different areas, although it is …

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Mauritius Landrace Cannabis

Mauritius Landrace Cannabis

In Mauritius, almost everyone smokes … but the law is very strict, even disproportionate. it is possible to be locked up in prison for a year for just having few seeds or a single joint or to come across as Pablo Escobar if you have more than 6 grams on you. The sentences are all …

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Origins of Cannabis in Nepal

Nepal - Poon Hill area

Nepal is located in South Asia right between India and China, in the heart of the Himalayas, just as a soft tongue between two huge dental arches, as Nepalese people say. With 8 peaks of more than 8.000 metres in height, Nepal is a true paradise for those who like climbing and trekking, although these …

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The origins of Deep Chunk

Deep Chunk

If we talk about legendary hash plants, one of the first countries that comes to mind is Afghanistan. Home of some of the most renowned Indica strains, the farms located on the foothills of its mountain ranges are known for producing large amounts of hashish, as well as opium. It was during the 60’s and …

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Southern local sativas in Colombia

Up on the Andes Mountains in Colombia, we found several microclimates, this, at that time favoured  the Country  to have many local sativas that adapted over the years obtaining great diversity and with this climatic diversity creating unique plants. To the South of Colombia, crossing the Andes mountain range, we could find there are large …

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Cannabis and the immune system

Weakening of the immune response By “immune response” we mean the defensive capacity of lymphocytes (white blood cells) against infectious diseases, foreign protein substances and probably also against certain forms of cancer. The hypothesis that the use of cannabis damages the immune response is launched, with much journalistic clamor, by G. Nahas with the article …

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Cannabis and psychosis

Cannabis and psychosis

Long-term harm The problem of documentation Cannabis has been classified illegal for no specific scientific reason. We therefore started from a situation in which the harmfulness of this substance was, in some way, a postulate: it is considered harmful simply because it is illegal. It has been so that for some decades the institutions (political, …

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Cannabis: Acute negative reactions

Acute negative reactions The use of cannabis, like any other substance, can cause “acute negative reactions”, that is, physical or mental disorders related to the administration of a single dose. They must be distinguished from “chronic negative reactions”, which derive from the prolonged use of the substance and generally have a permanent character, affecting the …

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