The arrival of cannabis in New Caledonia


Cannabis arrived only a few decades ago on this French Pacific island, some tribal elders talk about 1950 (World War II) with the presence of Americans. Others evoke the 60’s and 70’s with the Hippie / Woodstock period; There are many legends about it and some even speak of several hundred years, something that could …

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Lebanese Red and Blonde hash plants

Lebanese cannabis plants

The origins of cannabis cultivation in Lebanon date back several centuries ago, being a major tradinggood already in Ottoman times. Indeed, the Ottoman Empire was in constant need of cannabis fibre tosupply its Navy, thus developing a huge hemp industry throughout its territories. Traditionally, cannabishas been grown in Lebanon in different areas, although it is …

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Cannabis: A plant with enigmatic origins

In recent years, in several regions of the world, there has been a revaluation of the medicinal and food properties of Cannabis, as well as of its use as a raw material in the industrial sectors (textiles, construction, paper, energy, etc.), teaches about better eco-sustainability compared to the “traditional” oil and deforestation industries. Hemp is …

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On Southern Italian Cannabis and its preparations in place of Cannabis indica

Indian hemp, Cannabis Indica, has always been present in the oldest herbariums as a remedy for various disorders. And the Cannabis Sativa? The Chinese referred to it as a medicine for all ailments already 4000 years before Christ, the Indians, in addition to the therapeutic virtues for the body, exalted the healing ones for the …

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The Terpenes in Cannabis

Some Cannabis users describe the psychoactive effects of C. Indica and Sativa as distinctive, even opposite. Are they really? Beyond reports  by users, is there a clear evidence for  “pharmacologically” different cannabis species? There are, biochemically,  distinct cannabis strains, but the sativa / indica distinction, as commonly applied in secular literature, is a total absurdity …

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Cannabis: Origins, genotype, taxonomy, chemotypes

THE ORIGINS OF CANNABIS Studies and scientific researches converge on the fact that cannabis was, for the first time, found on the Asian continent therefore we’ll take this notion for granted. Cannabis is native to Central Asia and perhaps the foothills of the Himalayas. Converging lines of evidence exist, including a centre of biological diversity, …

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