Origins of cannabis in Turkey

Turkish seeds - Kurdistan

Cannabis cultivation in Turkey is one of the oldest in Europe, which is not strange since it is a plant originary from Asia that spread from East to West. According to evidence found, cannabis tradition in Turkey may date back to 1000BC, being highly valued for its multiple uses. Over the course of the centuries, …

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Sri Lanka cannabis


Sri Lanka, or in English, ” Resplendent Isle ” is indeed a real paradise. Incredible beaches, dramatic hills and deep jungle are the backdrop to an amazingly compact and diverse ecology second to none. Cannabis is but one of a huge variety of crops grown on the island. Home to some of the world’s best …

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Cannabis: A plant with enigmatic origins

In recent years, in several regions of the world, there has been a revaluation of the medicinal and food properties of Cannabis, as well as of its use as a raw material in the industrial sectors (textiles, construction, paper, energy, etc.), teaches about better eco-sustainability compared to the “traditional” oil and deforestation industries. Hemp is …

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