Genetics: Landrace from Northern Philippines
Origin: Kalinga province
Source: Local Filipino grower.
Latitude: 17N
Regional Maturation: From mid. October through November
Height 2.5 – 3+ metres outdoors
Effects: Great harmony, euphoria, active.
Aromas: Water melon, sweet lime, melon
Chracteristics: Tall plants. Vigorous and fast growth. Green and purple phenotypes


Directly from the Kalinga province in the Philippines. Genetics with great potential. The plants are grown by native farmers in isolated highland locations. They are very sativa dominant plants: vigorous and resistant to extreme drought conditions.  Green phenotypes, a purple-green one, fruity aromas; water melon, melon, sweet lime. Its smoke has a woody flavour and a very subtle sweet and sour aroma. Its structure is conical, with long intermodal spaces, leaves with 5, 7 and 9 bright green leaflets. Some plants develop asymmetrical branches, others are characterized by long floral clusters and have a tower in its main branch of 80cm and more. It reaches great height in a short time, measuring  2,50 – 3 metres  in its natural environment. It is resistant to humidity, and if grown indoors it is recommended to start with a photoperiod of 12/12.

Its Vegetative stage can go from 10, 12 and 14 weeks. It has a short flowering cycle of 12 to 14 weeks to be a sativa with these qualities of a Classic Sativa. Its effect is clear, clean and long-lasting. It produces a feeling of great harmony with all the environment that surrounds you. It  is cerebral, euphoric and active, great motivator and a  great tool for breeding.

Notes: A phenotype has the tip of the calyxes purple, and is also the earliest pheno. It is also the one with the thinnest leaflets. Thin leaves. It’s like a real OTH