Genetics: Long-flowering Pure Sativa
Location: Goroka Highlands, Papua New Guinea
Sourcing: Private donor reproduction, sourced on location
Latitude: 6°S
Elevation: 5,000 ft / 1600 meters
Height: 6-9ft minimum / 2-3 meters minimum
Traditional use: Sinsemilla Ganja
Vegetative: 6-8 weeks
Flowering: 20-24 weeks indoors.
Aromas: oranges,lilacs,sandalwood,incense,patchouli,mint,earth,spicy
Effects: Soaring high. No ceiling. With each toke you go up, and up.
Phenotypes: 2
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoor


These genetics were collected in 2017, in the Goroka Highlands of Papua New Guinea. At 5,000ft elevation and 6 degrees south of the equator, the plants are used to very little change between the longest and shortest days of the year. This means they are acclimated to a much higher DLI, and intensity of sunlight, than most other plants in the world.

Rumored to be the ancestor of Mullumbimby Madness, a line that has become famous in Australia for its incredible yields and potency. The first phenotype grows with a fewer number of tall, slender branches – By the end of flower the entirety of the limbs form single, long colas. The second phenotype has a more Christmas tree shape, with a few main trunks that throw a great many shorter branches. This phenotype tends to produce ostrich eggs, with individual branches that look like an entire plant.

Best practices indoors is to take clones from sexually mature plants, and put them into flower immediately upon rooting. Expect stretch upwards of 400%.

Two main phenotypes can be found. Both get very large and very quickly but are surprisingly easy to manage. You will need the patience of a saint, but the plants are very easy to grow, and forgiving of mistakes. Not overly finicky about nutrients, drought, or excessive temperatures.