Genetics: Uzbeki landrace
Region: Bokhara (north)
Elevation:  1000 – 2200 m.a.s.l. (3200 – 7200 ft)
Latitude: 39° N
Height:  80 – 150 centimetres
Veg: 7-8 weeks
Flower:  7-8 weeks (50-60 days)
Aromas: green lime, mint, celery, fresh blood
Flavours: minty and lemony
Effects: narcotic, tranquilizing, calm, very relaxing
Yield: medium
Phenotypes:  4
Characteristics:  Early, resinous trichomes, large glandular trichomes, intense aromas of green lime
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoor


This Uzbekistan from the North of Bokhara is a good choice for breeding due to the precocity in both the vegetative and the flowering stage. Furthermore, the way it produces resin and the size of the glands of the resin is of a very beautiful quality of Uzbeki cannabis, another point in its favour.

In this 100% indica genetic line it is remarkable, admirable and very marked the aromas of green lime.
This plant has a bushy structure and a tight calyx, in the last stage of flowering the main buds thicken even more. You can find plants that express very beautiful dark and purple leaves at the end of flowering, in some phenotypes the flowers of both the females and the males turn reddish and purple.

This plant has wide leaflets and a lettuce-like thickness. Some of the leaves  take curved shapes and they are covered in resin up to the tip, a true gem to select all these great traits that provide extra resin to the crosses or hybrids that you want to make. Very easy and uncomplicated plants. The may start slow but finish strong. Simple to manage in indoor set-ups with minimal space as they don’t tend to grow too high.