Genetics: North-West  Indian
Latitude: 32°N
Elevation: 2100 m.a.s.l (6900 feet)
Phenotypes:  5
Veg: 13 to 16 weeks
Flowering:  12 to 16 weeks
Height: 1.5 to 3 metres
Aromas: goldenberries, apples, fruity. Citric and woody
Effects: potent, very clear-headed,blissful, long-lasting, tranquil.
Grow type: Outdoor, greenhouse
Characteristics: Unique aromas, great vigour, moist and pest resistant

A little story to present the Anand Sagar: While in India in 2000 talking with an Indian friend and Yoga teacher, we came to know that he had just bought a property up in the mountains and not far from the school where he was the head teacher. Continuing the conversation our friend told us that on this property a “natural” plant was growing year after year before he even bought the property. He has taken care of it in its natural form and is using it occasionally when teaching and playing tablas and harmonium. We finally got him to send us seeds from this plant and that’s our description. We have named it “Anand Sagar”. Anand meaning happiness and Sagar meaning ocean

A beautiful stylized fine sativa plant very peculiar and unmistakable structure, fruity smelling flowers (apples and very ripe goldenberries or Cape gooseberries). Very unique aromas. Great vigour and resistance to moisture and pests.

This stylized and fine sativa reaches heights of 150 cm, going up to 2 and 3 metres  in optimal conditions. When starting its vegetative stage at great speed after two weeks from germination, it forms a large number of pairs of branches with multiple secondary very thin branches of spacious and spiky structures, this type of structure is very normal in these types of plants, this is a peculiarity within the phenotypes with little foliage of large leaves of 3, 5, 7 and 9 thin serrated leaflets.

Green stems and with red and purple streaks. We found  5 beautiful phenotypes with good  vigour that take from 13 up to 16 weeks maximum in  veg. When the flowering begins, this beautiful lady is still continuing to stretch even more  and continues to bloom leaving her calyxes scattered on the branches and main stems  as she grows  some internal floral clusters and continues to leave a whole very peculiar spike structure.

The calyxes  are large and of a golden yellow green of a resin production that gives off smells of green apples and very intense goldenberries, mango and sweet fruits too. Orange stigmas and medium and dark amber. The flowering of this beautiful and sexy sativa takes from 12 weeks to  up to 16 weeks for some phenotypes. It has a citric and woody flavor. The effect is potent, very clear-headed,  long-lasting and  tranquil. Feelings of bliss and inner contentment and peace. Ideal for yoga and meditation and engage in artistic activities.