Genetics:  North Indian charas cultivar
Sourced by: The Landrace Team year 2000
Purpose: Charas
Elevation:  1600 m.a.s.l
Latitude: 29° N
Height: between 2.5 and 3.5 metres (and above) in outdoor
Vegetative: 16 to 18 weeks
Flowering:  14 to 18 weeks
Aromas: Sweet fique, spicy, piney, guava, creamy, tangerine peels
Effects: Highly euphoric,blissful,joyful, bright,active,energetic
Taste: mentholated  flavour, fruity and woody
Phenotypes: 5
Grow type: Outdoor, greenhouse, indoor
Characteristics: Resistant to pests,humidity and extreme conditions


Uttarkhand is a giant sativa with unique and interesting aromas of sweet fique,pine,spices, guava, high resistance to pests to humidity and difficult conditions of different natural cold dry and humid environments as well, a true slender stylized and fine plant, beautiful tool for the breeding of new varieties that show different and unique organoleptic profiles.

The vegetative stage of Uttarakhand goes from 16 to 18 weeks producing thick stems and many branches. Large leaves of 3 and 7 thin and very serrated leaflets, beautiful light green colour that loses its hue to a yellow-green tone as its stage progresses.

The internodal spaces vary in size from 8 to20 cm, the foliage and stems when rubbed smell like ripe guava. The plants reach  heights during the vegetative stage of up to 2.50 meters.  We have noticed find 5 different phenotypes  some of which show  dark red stems.

The flowering stage takes between 14 to 18 weeks, During flowering the plants  develop an abundant loose floral structure that reaches heights of up to 3.50 metres and above in optimal outdoor conditions.
The calyxes are swollen and of a light lemon green and other showing  very faint lilac colours.

All of the plants have a great abundance of resin  that emanates aromas of pine, mint, fique, guava, spices, very intense and fragrant cream, loose structures and some with wheat-shaped endings. The general structure for all the phenotypes is highly branched and conical; The flowers of these sativas are highly resistant to humidity, fungi and diseases.

The Effect of these sativas from Uttarakhand is highly euphoric, pure bliss, joyful, very bright and luminous, psychoactive, energetic without beng narcotic at all. It makes you feel very active, keeps you moving but concentrated and motivated. The feeling of euphoria is something to be highlighted when sampling these plants and the effect is of a very long duration.  Soft mentholated  flavour, fruity and woody.