Genetics: Mexican domesticate from Northern Jalisco
Latitude: 20° N
Elevation: 1700 m.a.s.l.
Veg: 12-14 weeks
Flowering: 12-13 weeks
Aromas: incense, pine, orange, dragon fuit
Taste: fragrant with a fruity and sweet touch
Effects: long-lasting, euphoric, powerful, psychoactive
Height: 180 cm. max
Yield: Medium
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoors
Characteristics: fast growth, purple,red, colours


Mexican sativa directly from the hands of a farmer from the north of Jalisco near the Nayarit border. Very special and interesting plants to select fast sativa phenotypes from, with resinous flowering and intense sweet aromas of incense, pine, orange and dragon fruit, with a long-lasting powerful psychoactive effect.

The plants grow quickly with average intermodal spaces from 5 to 10 and 15 cm. The stems are thick , the leaves at the seedling stage are bright yellowish, light green, very beautiful semi-wide serrated. Some have purple stems and the leaves have reddish and purple undersides.

The vegetative stage is from only 12 to maximum 14 weeks time in which these plants grow rapidly and ramifies all its pairs of branches acquiring a solid structure with abundant buds that quickly become floral clusters to leave a compact structure of aerated calyx flowers, thick and resinous.

The flowering is also pretty fast, 12 and 13 weeks for the phenotypes that take the longest. These plants are very fast, we are fascinated by the speed these phenotypes directly from northern Jalisco take. The flowers are golden,
resinous and some have dark purple calyx tips, likewise their stipules are purple. We have seen 6 phenotypes, all characterizd by their speed in growth and flowering. Despite being rapid sativas they deliver a long-lasting, euphoric, powerful and psychoactive effect. fragrant on the palate with fruity and sweet touches.