Latitude: 13° N
Elevation: 1450 m.a.s.l.
Phenotypes:  6
Height: up to 4 metres
Veg:  12 – 16 weeks
Flower:  12 to 16 weeks max.
Aromas:  sweet cocoa, papaya,chocolate,citrus,musk,ammonia
Flavour: incense, citrus
Effects: long lasting, lightness, relaxed, calmness
Characteristics: very strong and tall, high humidity resistant


Growing these super sativa plants was a wonder to behold.  The high vigour of these plants puts makes it so that these are the the tallest and strongest sativas in our collection Add  to this the lovely  smell of sweet cocoa and little ripe papayas and you will have a clear picture of what these plants represent.. Powerful, vigorous, fast growing and resistant to pests and diseases, therefore ideal for high humidity environments.

These plants  from S. Vincent Island grows vigorously and reaches great heights pretty  quickly; In its first stages of growth, the cotyledons are round and elongated, the first serrated leaves are giant, a clear indicator of the great vigour locked  within this super sativa line. It grows and branches quickly forming innumerable buds. We have observed 6 very special phenotypes. Most of them  are giants with wide internodal spaces.

Although this is a  tall sativa plant, it is not abundant in its foliage, rather moderate. The small buds scattered throughout the branches are also airy with few leaves which are made up of 5, 7, 9 and up to 11 leaflets of a beautiful lime green,  other with very dark intense green, the darkest green foliage we have come across in the TLT sativa collection. Some have reddish petioles and stems. The vegetative stage goes from 12 weeks for the fastest phenotypes and 16 weeks for the longest ones, reaching a height of up to 4 meters in optimal conditions.

The stems are medium thick, some are hollowed out with “disgusting” sweet aromas when rubbed,  others with a subtle green apple. Flowering takes  from 12 weeks to 14 and 16 weeks maximum with a moderate  flowering but that is rewarded for its great height,  vigour and for the quality of the aroma and flavor.  its notes of sweet cocoa make it stand out among the best sativas  from The landrace Team in terms of rarity in its terpenes and flavonoids.

Another point in favour is the quality and quantity of resin coming out from  this beautiful  sativa  from St. Vincent; It emanates aromas of chocolate and  small ripe mountain papays, with an incense and citrus flavor that stays in your throat for a few seconds. Long lasting, at the end you feel light, relaxed and with a calming sensation. These plants were cultivated at 1450 meters above sea level, they showed no problems and grew perfectly from different heights above sea level.