Male: Uzbekistan
Vegetative: 6-7 weeks
Flowering: 7-8 weeks
Height: 80 cm (2.6ft)
Aromas: caramelized coffee and rubber
Effects: narcotic and psychoactive.
Characteristics: beautiful Uzbeki male  with reddish and purple hues with a vegetative stage of only 7 weeks and a very short flowering period of 6 weeks. The leaves are of an intense and shiny olive green, from the generation of this cute male, some leaves end up in beautiful dark and their appearance looks special and old, others end up intense purple, the stem is wide, cupped and when rubbed it smells of caramelized coffee and rubber with wide leaves.


Female: Lagkitan (Philippines) purple scorpion pheno
Vegetative: 14 weeks
Flowering: 13 Weeks
Height: 170cm (5.5 ft)
Aromas: mint and sweet turpentine
Flavour: sandalwood and incense with menthol touches
Effects: powerful, motivating, creative, clean
Characteristics:  ultra resistant to pests,diseases


Super sativa, old, stylized, selected for its intense aromas of sweet turpentine and menthol touches, incense and sandalwood flavour, beautiful qualities.  Another reason for this beautiful sativa from the Philippines to be selected was for its beautiful structure with a calyx in the shape of a scorpion tail with violet and purple tones, very resinous, with extra thin and spear-shaped leaves. This female is ultra resistant to pests, diseases and difficult climatic conditions. We’ve planted it at an elevation of  1400 to 2400 metres above sea level  (4500-7800 ft), growing without problems. The effect of this sativa from the Philippines  is extraordinary motivating, energetic, bright,  clean without leaving heaviness on your body.