Father: Romulan BX1 from Romulan Genetics
Type: Cross (Thai x Mexican x Columbian x Afghani) x Columbian
Height: Tall at around 150-180 cm in a 16L pot
Vegetative: 10 weeks indoor using soil and LED lights
Flowering: 70 days
Aromas: spicy, skunky, old fruit, distinctive
Flavour: fruity, earthy, sweet/sour, mouth-watering. Excellent for vape
Effects: clear-headed, uplifting, good for PTSD, nerve-based pain, muscle spasm and anxiety
Yield: medium-high
Characteristics: Good resistance to mould and pests and tolerant to heat and cold.


Mother:  Celestial Temple Sativa from Federation Seed Co.
Type: Rare land race from Ecuador – 100% Sativa
Height: 1.5 – 2 m
Vegetative: 8-10 weeks indoor using soil and LED lights
Flowering: 60 days 16L pot
Aromas: aniseed, citrus, lemongrass
Flavour: aniseed to lemongrass
Effects: euphoric, uplifting, day-brightener, clarity, motivational, excellent day smoke,
Characteristics: Fast flowering. Elegant leaves, beautiful Sativa characteristics, pale lime green, symmetry, good mould resistance, deals with temperature changes well.
Yield: medium-high


We’ve been looking for a male to cross with this Ecuadorian landrace for over a decade and found a male that was up to the task in the Romulan. Their combined genetics should produce something truly special.

With the early flowering time of this exceptional Sativa landrace from Ecuador, you’ll have an early-flowering and highly tolerant cross. Both parent plants are excellent medicinally and also bring uplifting and euphoric effects, a rare combination without couch-lock that is often associated with such good pain relief.