Genetics: Semi Auto-flowering Sativa
Location: 200 m.a.s.l
Sourcing: Local from Czech republic
Location: South Moravian Region
Latitude: 48-49 °N
Harvest: Mid to Late September
Height: 0,6 – 2 metres outdoors
Aroma: Sweet floral, fruity, citrus, pine, diesel, pungent aroma
Effects: mellow high
Grow Type: Outdoor, indoor, greenhouse
Characteristics: Early flowering, cold resistant, purple phenos, CBD


Feral Cannabis has been found in Central Europe as a field weed for several centuries. This is likely a wild, non-domesticated form. It may have been introduced from its original Asian habitat alongside cultivated crop seeds. The seeds are usually silver, mottled to almost black in color. Elongated horseshoe bases are present in most seeds. Due to the historical occurrence near the fields, interference by domesticated forms of hemp cannot be ruled out.

Germination of wild populations begins from February and continues until May, with the greatest sprouting occurring in April. The growth is fast and allows it to survive in the strong competition of other weed plants such as cypress, merlik, durum, together with which it is most often found.

It occurs most often on dry, light slopes and in the undergrowth of sparse dry forests, on the edges of forests, near fields and along roads and buildings. The final height and shape of the plants are significantly influenced by the soil on which it is located. In deep humus soils on the edges of fields, plants can reach 1.5 – 2 m, with lateral branching starting at the ground level in some phenotypes and disappearing at higher levels, other phenotypes branching massively only at the highest levels. On dry stony soils, the usual height at the end of the life cycle is 0.6 – 1m and the plants do not form significant side branches.

There are a large number of phenotypes with different stem coloring, ripening time, growth characteristics, and leaf color and shape. Phenotypes where leaves and buds turn purple at lower temperatures have been recorded.

The smell is intense to the touch, pungent with sweet floral and fruity notes or a heavy smell of hashish to pine. Buds ripen in mid-September. The effect is a mellow high. Weakly encouraging. It is likely that there are phenotypes with higher potency.