Genetics: Laotian landrace domesticate
Origin: Luang Prabang
Latitude: 19° N
Elevation: 1600 m.a.s.l.
Vegetative: 16 – 18 weeks
Flowering: 14 – 20 weeks
Height: 3 – 4 metres outdoor
Yield: High
Aromas: Lemon verbena, citronella, mandarine, lime,
Effects: powerful, long lasting, active, clean, encouraging, meditative
Characteristics: explosive growth, pest, fungi and drought resistant,
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


Giant Sativa, bestial growth, Intense aromas of lime, mandarin and aromatic herbs  such as lemon verbena, resistant to difficult conditions of cultivation and growth like pest and fungi and lack of water.
These sativa plants from Luang Prabang are gigantic, from their cotyledons express great vigor and strength, noticing an accelerated growth since they are seedlings and in all their stages of growth in general.

The stage of vegetation goes from  16 to 18 weeks It is a plant with a very thick and compact stem  that becomes  pink in the flowering stage in some, the internodal spaces are spacious in certain phenotypes and in others are intermediate,. The stems emanate  aromas of citrus,  giant leaves of 9 leaflets on their vast majority, with a  bright clear green that becomes lighter with the passing of growing.The large part of them grows in a symmetrical and conical way, there are others that grow irregularly as a shrub of several stunning central branches.

The flowering stage takes from 14 to 20 weeks during which time it grows reaching up to 3 and 4 meters in optimal conditions; Its flowers are from a beautiful bright light green loaded with resin The Laos Luang Prabang  are plants with abundant  airy flowers. Some are not highlighted by the form and quantity of resin production but stand out for their subtle aromas producing a powerful and durable effect.

The phenotypes that are more resinous and bigger  producers give off  intense aromas of lime, tangerine and aromatics such as lemon grass and citronella, very intense and fragrant. The effect of the Luan Prabang is powerful and long-lasting without being psychedelic. It is a very balanced and beautiful effect that keeps you active and puts you in good mood. Luang Prabang is a strain of a very clean, active and meditative effect.