Strain: Orissa Kandhamal
State: Odisha
District: Kandhamal
Latitude: 20° N
Elevation: 800-1500 m.a.s.l. (2500-5000 feet)
Height of the plant outdoors: 180cm to 250cm plus (6 to 8-9 feet)
Sowing month: early monsoon time. Between May and June. Some in July
Harvest month: late November to December. Till January in some places
Aromas: sweet smelling with strong earthy tones. Woody, sometimes fruity smells.
Taste: smooth, it produces thick white smoke. Depending upon the curing process the taste varies
Effects: extremely high. Thought provoking. Head high.giggly,chatty,euphoria producing.
Yield: medium.-high Around 350-400g per plant
Length of effect:  Up to 3-4 hrs depending on tolerance level
Characteristics: tall, bushy structure with a main cola surrounded by several side branches, narrow leaf type, light green colour. Pest and mold resistant. Strong outdoor sativa.


Odisha, also known as with its ancient name ‘Kalinga’, is an Eastern Indian coastal state surrounded by Eastern ghats mountain ranges on one side and the bay of Bengal on the other. It is a district full with natural beauties including wild animals and birds. The territory is rural, with a number of waterfalls, springs, hill stations, and historical and archaeological places. Most of the area is made up of forests and a part of it is cultivable.

It has a hot and humid weather and tropical climate. It has great dense forests and vegetation, infact 33% of its land is covered with jungles. Odisha is also home to a large number of various ancient tribal populations living in its forests and mountain ranges from ages. Kandhamal literraly translates to terrains of the Kandh tribe.

Cannabis has a long and rich history in Odisha. It is an integral part of its cultural, social and religious traditions. Odisha always was a major hub of cannabis. Since ancient times, the sea faring kalingan “Sadhava” merchants, with their huge sailing ships, used to do trading with far away lands of South east asian countries like Java, Sumatra, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma etc. Among their merchandise like silk and muslin textiles, perfumes, spices, pearls, ivory, sandal wood, gemstones and so on, Cannabis was also an important product of trading. There are temple inscriptions and literary evidences of Cannabis being traded by Odia merchants. So it can be said that South east asian cannabis sativa plants trace their origin back to Odisha which is still the largest commercial supplier of weed across India.

The Southern part of Odisha is the capital of cannabis production since a very long time. Mainly 4 districts: Kandhamal, Koraput, Malkangiri and Rayagada, situated in eastern ghat mountain terrains are the centre of the cultivation. The tribal people of these districts are farming cannabis since generations.  They should be credited for preservation and conservation of the native landrace strain called “Shilawati”. Quality-wise the herb produced in Kandhamal is the best one. These seeds come directly from Kandhamal district.

The climate is tropical although not so so humid. Good long hours of sunlight fall on this district of Orissa. There are no specific soil types. People just clear the forest land and farm in those hilly terrains. The soil in this part of Orissa is mainly red. Some farmers use cow manure and other composts. These seeds come from Phulbani region of Kandhamal. The Kandh people are farming in those remote hilly areas covered in thick vegetation situated at an elevation between 800 to 1500 metres above sea level.