Genetics: Narathiwat (S. Thailand)
Latitude: 6° N
Altitude: 0 – 2300 m.a.s.l. (up to 7500 feet)
Veg: 12 – 14 weeks
Flowering:  12 – 13 weeks
Height: 1.5 – 2.5 metres
Aromas: incense,sweet,woody
Taste: woody and incense
Effects: high potency,trippy,euphoric,long-lasting,lysergic,psychedelic
Phenotypes: 8
Characteristics: vigorous,humidity resistant,conical structure
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoors


Narathiwat is the southernmost province of Thailand. The southern railway line ends in this province.
75% of the area is jungle and mountains and has a tropical climate. The Bang Nara is the main river and enters the Gulf of Thailand at the town of Narathiwat.

High potency, fragrant, incense, psychoactive trippy effect,t bright, euphoric long-lasting; It can become lysergic and psychedelic.

High vigor and great resistance to fungal pests and humidity. The structure of this beautiful Sativa is slender conical with large and long branches and internodal spaces.

Short large leaves of lime green foliage, vegetative stage is 12-14 weeks, reaches heights of 150-250 cm. Flowering is 12 and 13 weeks,

One phenotype takes longer  to finish: up to 16-18 weeks of flowering; pleasant aromas of humid forest, sweet, woody, disgusting and the most outstanding the classic incense, the one you smell in churches, frankincense

The production is medium, the flowers have large calyxes and a good amount of resin.  it has 8 phenotypes with notable variations.

Long stigmas, woody and incense flavours. We have observed it grows from 0 masl to 2300 masl finished, beautiful, solid and very stylized.