Genetics: Original Santa Marta Gold Highland – COLOMBIAN GOLD
Designation of origin/Appellation: Santa Marta Gold Highland/Colombian Gold
Latitude: 11°N
Elevation: 0 to 1500 m.a.s.l. / (0 – 4500 ft)
Height 1.8 meters – 2.5 metres (6 – 8 ft)
Vegetative phase: 16 – 20 weeks
Flowering phase: 16 – 22 weeks
Aromas: intense sweet lime, sour,pungent mandarin,incense,penetrating fruit, mountain papaya (Vasconcellea pubescens),tangerine
Flavour: fragrant, fruity, citrus, incense and roses lasting on the palate
Effects: psychoactive,euphoric,very potent,cerebral,lysergic to psychedelic
Yield: high
Phenos: 7
Characteristics: loose resinous flowers with a golden finish and large sharp calyxes


The most legendary of the Colombian Classic lines.

This Colombian genetic line, as everyone knows and has heard, has acquired great fame over the years, more than anything since the Marimbera Bonanza in Colombia between the 70’s and the mid-80’s when large exports of local Colombian Cannabis happened. The herb  came from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in the North of the Country and left some places such as Tayrona beach to different places in the world.

There is a reason for its high fame and status within local lines around the world. It is a legendary variety, new generations may wonder why this  Sativa from Santa Marta is so iconic. It is simply an excellent variety, wonderful, unique, unmistakable, special  for its pleasant intense aromas of sweet, sour lime, pungent mandarin, incense, citrus, fruity flavours roses, subtle incense with a very penetrating and long-lasting flavour on the palate. It also has hints of fruit such as mountain papaya (Vasconcellea pubescens). We are not talking about the papaya (carica) we are referring to the “parpayuela” or Arequipeña papaya known as mountain papaya  that brings totally different aromas to a papaya, even the color is yellowish and not orange-red like papaya. We do the clarification so that the smell is not confused and you get an idea of what this legend smells like.

It also smells like gulupa, commonly known as poro poro (Passiflora Pinnatistipula and Passiflora edulis f. edulis Sims) gulupa is a fruit similar to Passion Fruit but this one is smaller and has a different and more intensely sweet aroma with acidic touches, Santa Marta Gold Highland is really a diamond of Cannabis, It is a classic and a legendary sativa that is in the “Top of the pops”. It is differentiated by the large pointed resinous calyxes that end in light golden and white in the last stage of flowering in some phenotypes. This is a fine finish even though the buds are not compact, this golden finish is a beautiful feature for creating white and pale yellow varieties that are often ultra potent.Within the high mountain Santa Marta Gold there is also an acrid and sour phenotype with a fermented touch.

The vegetative growth in general reaches a maximum of 20 weeks for the longest plants and 16 weeks for the earliest phenotypes. The intermodal spaces are medium and the leaves are thin,
very serrated and some leaves are large.There is a phenotype that grows more upright and thin and it mostly grows with leaves with 3 thin leaflets.The colour of the foliage is dark green and lighter green and as growth progresses it turns yellow. Flowering goes from 16 and up to 22 weeks or even longer for some phenotypes.The flowers are loose and in some phenotypes they grow dispersed. One phenotype has more productive flowers with more flowers growing closer together  and with wheat-spike structures (pheno trigo).


We have observed that when the high mountain Sativas from Santa Marta are grown in a very balanced, quality and professional substrate, most of the phenotypes will finish flowering a little sooner.If you take this Colombian genetic line to a hostile place with a lack of nutrients she will be able to withstand it and finish her flowering cycle and the longer phenotypes can be appreciated. Perhaps the lack of nutrients also influences these phenotypes to take a little longer to flower, thus guaranteeing they can reach maturity.

The flowering is fascinating, we say this because although it is not the most productive line, it is the most introspective, powerful and psychoactive. It gives you a moment of total satisfaction and happiness, it is very potent and euphoric. You don’t need to take many  to feel the rise of its beautiful effect and flavour. Furthermore, it is intoxicating and pleasant to smoke. The effect is very clean without leaving any traces of heaviness. Santa Marta Gold from the highlands is the perfect choice for having a day on the move and want to feel motivated.

Many believe that the large cannabis crops in the mountains were carried out by the indigenous communities of the area (the Arhuacos, the Kogis, the Wiwas, the Kankuamos, all of these descendants of the Tayrona) that statement are simply marketing strategies to increase sales and create fantastic stories to attract people with little or no knowledge and far from the reality of how these legendary varieties really grew in Colombia and who cultivated them.. None of these indigenous people from the mountains currently cultivates or cultivated cannabis, not even at the time of the Marimbera Bonanza.