Genetics: Vietnamese Black
Latitude: 9°N~21°N
Elevation: <5,000 ft / <1600 meters
Sourcing: Private donor reproduction
Height:  2-3 meters
Vegetative: 6-8 weeks (indoors)
Flowering: 12-16 weeks (indoors)
Yield: Very high
Aromas: sandalwood,meats,incense,oranges, occasionally petrol, and vanilla.
Effects: perception altering,super heavily potent,psychedelic,pleasantly paranid,waves of mystery
Phenotypes: 2
Characteristics: big dark purple/blackish flowers,mold and humidity resistant
Grow type: outdoors,grenhouse,indoors


Said to be a hybrid of a longer flowering strain from the south of Vietnam, and a shorter flowering strain closer to China. The illustrious phenotypes of the Vietnam Black would seem to support that, with a relatively short flower time for a pure-sativa.

There are some plants with a tendency to vine, reminiscent of a myriad of other long-flowering sativas from Southeast Asia. The branches appear to produce no lignin at all, and as such, will need support to keep their massive flowers aloft. These plants tend to be the more psychedelic phenotypes. The second phenotype is much sturdier, but don’t let that fool you, she will easily outgrow herself. And as such, these phenotypes will also need some sort of support structure in place.

The vegetative stage will move quickly, and the stretch tends to be significant, so plan accordingly. Takes well to topping, and training. In flower the shape of the plant is a lilac bush, with enormous flowers splayed every which way. It is not uncommon for unsupported branches to snap under their own weight.

As flowering approaches 100 days you’ll want to start observing the trichomes. Purpling is fairly common regardless of temperature, hence the “black” moniker.

Perfect for collectors seeking interesting, unique genes, of very high potency, pathogen resistance, and resin production. With a high diversity to explore at the medicinal level. Recommended as with all the sativas of The Landrace Team.


This plant is AMAZING, and the effects are out of this world… this could be a production plant with exotic high vibin’ effects – really special plant!