Genotype: Dioecious
Grow type: Indoor e Outdoor
Climate adaptability: Northern, Central, Southern Europe. Northern, Central, Southern America.
Vegetative cycle: 160 – 190 days (max)
Height: 2,2 – 6,5 metres
Outdoor flowering: August (Northern hemosphere)
Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks
Flower production: max 300gr./square metre (outdoor)
CBD: 3 to 10 % (max)

The Selected Carmagnola (CS) is an Italian variety of dioecious hemp, the result of genetic crosses obtained by Italian farmers in the early year of 1900, a period in which hemp cultivation was the pride of national agricultural production in Italy. In those days, in fact, it was a source of pride to have large, robust and luxuriant hemp cultivations. We are talking about a plant from which nothing is thrown away. A robust plant that is well suited to any type of climate. From the harsh climate to the sunny one. The Selected Carmagnola (CS) grows luxuriantly up to 4.5 – 5.5 meters high. It is not unusual to find specimens, or even fields, of Selected Carmagnola, which exceed 5 meters in height.

Compact and generous foliage, bright green, abundant growth during the first three – four months of vegetation. This variety of hemp is cultivated essentially for the production of fabrics, as a thermal insulator and, as has been happening for some time now, also and above all for the production of inflorescences of light cannabis.

A plant rich in CBD, the Selected Carmagnola (CS) is among the most cultivated cannabis plants of the moment. For an optimal production it is advisable to start sowing from April to the end of May. If you are happy with plants that are not particularly developed in height, it is also good to start in June. Although Carmagnola Selected is born as a plant to be used for the production of fabrics, today we can certainly expand its range of use. For example, we can find wide use of CS in the green building sector. How many times have you heard of hemp insulation panels? Well, know that the Carmagnola Selected is most likely used to make those panels. But not only the construction and textile sectors benefit from this plant. The recent market for cannabis light inflorescences has also found a space of great importance for the CS.