Genetics: Nigerian Purple
Latitude: unknown
Source: Afropips
Elevation: 1400-2300 m.a.s.l. (4600-7500 feet)
Veg: 11-12 weeks
Flower: 10-13 weeks
Height:  130 – 150 cm
Phenotypes:  5 (4 purple 1 green)
Aromas: lemongrass,spicy,menthol,fique,roasted chicken, burnt meat bubblegum and chocolate hash and  herbs
Taste: mentholated and fruity
Yield: medium
Effects: energetic,awakening,active,alive,euphoric,motivating,psychoactive,long-lasting
Characteristics: Ideal for indoor spaces. Purple and green phenos. Fast and resinous
Grow type: outdoor,indoor,greenhouse


Nigeria Purple is an early and resinous purple and green gold sativa possessing great vigour and speed of growth. The height is medium and makes it a good choice for sativa lovers who only grow indoors and cannot wait for long vegetative and flowering times. This genetic line is undoubtedly a great tool for breeding due to its beautiful colours, potent resin and intense aromas of lemongrass and fruits.

This Sativa from Nigeria is special for its precocity to grow and flower. Its purple phenotype makes it even more special and the green phenotypes are very very resinous . It is a complete and extensive  selection from Afropips’ Nigerian  from the 80’s with pleasant aromas of intense lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus). We made this selection from Nigeria focused on colour and resin, a male with reddish green and purple tones and resinous purple females were selected  with reddish tones too.

This results in mostly  purple plants. The underside of the leaves are of a beautiful reddish and purple, the leaves are thin and very serrated. The internodal spaces are short, the vegetative stage takes between  11 to 12 weeks maximum and flowering is also very fast, from 10 to 13 weeks maximum.

Purple Nigeria is one of the fastest and most special sativa lines of the TLT, the buds are stylized, resinous and fragrant, the green phenotype is very resinous with spicy, aromatic,mentholated, roasted chicken and burnt meat aromas.

We have found  4 purple phenotypes with different variations and one resinous green. Some of the purple phenos smell of biscuits (cookies) and fermented strawberries whereas some of the green phenos smells of roasted chicken and burnt meat.  The effect is energetic, awakening,active,alive, euphoric, motivating, psychoactive with a duration of two hours for the purple phenotypes and the green phenotype has a more intense and long-lasting effect of up to 4 hours. The taste is fragrant aromatic and with a hint of menthol. We have cultivated this plant from 1400 to 2300 m.a.s.l.  behaving beautiful and beautiful in all places, the maximum height that we have seen is from 130 to 150 cm.


The Nigerian Purple looks very nice, a fast flowering sativa with beautiful buds. The aroma is a delicious mix of bubblegum and chocolate with a subtle undertone of hash and herbs.