Genetics: Pure Shirazi Landrace hash plant cultivar
Sourced by: The Landrace Team
Altitude: 3000 m.a.s.l.
Latitude: 29°N
Purpose: Hash and bud
Height: 1 metre in pots. 2 metres in the ground
Sowing season: April in Iran
Harvest: September and October in Iran. 
Flowering: 9 – 12 weeks max  (indoors)
Aromas: Persian love cake,lime,eucalyptus, sweet herbs,black licorice,sour citrus,kush,gum
Effects: Dreamy, euphoric, blissful
Characteristics: Very resinous and resistant to anything
Grow type: Outdoor, indoor, greenhouse


These are gorgeous, very lush plants with lots of lateral branching. All plants had a uniquely uniform structure for a landrace variety. Very productive resin production, would make this cultivar ideal for hashmaking. Indulgent aromas arrange from vanilla cake, fresh forest, Kaffir lime, and some sweet earthy Kush notes. The plants are about medium height, about 1m on average with medium to narrow-leaf expressions. Some express very broad leaflets.

Some phenotypes have a gorgeous fades with a myriad of purples, blacks, reds, yellows & greens. Some plants retain their green color, some have tinges of purple, and some are almost entirely purple with high concentrations of anthocyanins. Impressive trichrome production and decent yields paired with high surface area. Bud structure makes this cultivar especially ideal for extractions.

These plants are very simple to grow and exhibit no intersex traits, as well as proving to be extremely resilient to pests and mold when grown outdoors. These Shirazis are quite forgiving with watering and are light feeders. This would be a superb cultivar for those looking to get started with landraces and want to grow something truly exotic with just beginner levels of growing experience. Also well suited to experienced growers that want something simple, stunning and special in their gardens! 

These plants grow high up in the mountains (3000 metres = 9800 feet) withstanding very hot springs and summers and pretty chilly nights. They are very resistant to adverse weather conditions and take both heat, cold and humidity like champions.



In the vegetative phase, the plants form wide leaves and a massive stem. They are strong and hardy plants. When pruning, they respond with massive formation of side branches. Some phenotypes naturally branch more than others. The stems are fibrous and flexible, the leaves have initially wider leaflets. The leaflets become gradually
narrower throughout the growth. The root system is massive too.

Most plants naturally form a Christmas tree structure (in pots) with a large apical bud. Some will branch more in the lower parts and the side and lower branches will compete with the upper branches.

Buds are compact and very resinous. Both buds and many leaves are heavily covered with trichomes. Ideal for extraction. The colours when flowering range from red to dark purple in various shades. One phenotype is light green to yellow. Flowering is complete in about 11 weeks. The beginning of flowering is dominated by a faintly sour citrus scent with floral undertones. The later stages of flowering are accompanied by a sweet and spicy herbal aroma with hints of kush and gum.

The resistance to borytris and drought is quite high. Forgiving plants. In the last two weeks or so expect an increase in trichomes size. 



The smoke is aromatic, with a smell of hash, a sweet taste, a little pungent but not harsh. 
Effects: Fast onset. feeling of pressure on the temples and tingling down the back. Creative mood and pleasant feelings. Soothing and encouraging physical activity. It promotes creativity.


This Shiraz variety smells exactly like rose water, a common ingredient in Iranian food and drinks. This is the most elegant cannabis aroma I have ever smelled! The aromas in the Iranian cannabis varieties tend to be elegant, delicate and complex