Genetics: Lagkitan (meaning sticky)
Origin:  Ubec (Philippines)
Latitude: 10° N
Elevation: 1800 m.a.s.l.
Vegetative: 12 – 13 weeks
Flowering: 11 – 14 weeks
Height:  1.80 – 2.50 metres
Phenotypes: 6
Aromas: earthy,citrus,peach,mint,musk,floral,grapes,mango,candy tangerines,sweet gummy
Effect: powerful, energising, electrical, very euphoric, long lasting
Characteristics: narrow leaflets,purple flowers,super hazy sativa effects,strong genetics
Grow type: outdoors, green house, indoors


Extraordinary and rare sativa of energizing  and euphoric effects. It’s a sativa line, genetic from the Philippines, very special for its unique aromas, structures and phenotypes in the form of a scorpion tail. It is one of our most special and rare sativa line in terms of structure, terpenes and colours.

These cannabis plants from the Philippines grow with beautiful vigour and great resistance to pests, fungi and diseases, high resistance to wet places both in the outdoor environment and in the substrate. We have had the opportunity to see it growing in high humidity substrates  and they were growing without problems. These plants have endured extremely strong winters which suggests that the cell walls of these plants contribute to a greater resistance and are of high quality to withstand these so hostile conditions.

Its vegetative stage groes between  12 and 13 weeks, medium internodal spaces, medium-width stems and hollow in most of its phenotypes (6), large and thin, very sawn-like leaves of 5, 7 and 9 max leaflets, red and purple petioles. The stems when rubbed give off very fragrant smells of citrus and peaches.

Maximum height for the higher phenotypes is 250 cm and 180 cm for the smaller ones. At the end of its vegetative growth in a conical shape as a Christmas tree in the purple phenotypes it takes on an irregular way to grow, it loses its symmetric shape in the floral clusters and a kind of spike of wheat like begin to emerge and in its interior the purple colours form, the colors are expressed in these phenotypes in the first week of flowering.

It really is a magic to see these small flower buds  with an explosion of colours. These beauties,  however, emanate smells of mint and floral. The green phenotypes have a more compact and symmetrical flowering and show more resin with a different terpene profile with more fruits, mango, peaches and candy tangerines and sweet gummy. These green phenotypes usually end in a very clear colour when drying thus giving premium quality.
The effect is powerful, energizing, electrical, very euphoric and long-lasting. A Philippine strain worthy of being selected by its interesting terpenes and purple phenotypes with beautiful structures and smells.

“LAGKIT” in local language  means “sticky”. Coming from Ubec (Cebu In The Western World). The Lagkitan Is among the best strains from the Philippines we have had the pleasure to see.



This pheno of Lagkitan is a real treasure. It has such a high vibration with its narrow sativa leaves and purpling hairy flowers. The entire plant shimmers and dances in the light and wind. Amazingly, this tropical sativa is pretty deep into flower in mid-September, so hoping she will be ready for harvest by Halloween.

This is one of the trippiest cannabis plants ever grown in our garden! Visually, it is stunning – the purple foxtailing flowers and thin lacey leaves dance and shimmer in the breeze. I’d grow this in my yard as an ornamental plant!
The flowers are fluffy fractals of foxtails within foxtails within foxtails, all completely coated in crystal.

Smell: A few weeks ago the flowers smelled of deep concord grape syrup, but the final smell is now a deep earthy grape with a hint of musk.

NOTE: This plant is very similar to a Congolese Pointe Noire 
We only harvested the top colas, so 75% of this furry beast is still dancing in our garden 🙂



Step outside the hype and group think of today’s cannabis scene, and you just may find some unique gems that will tickle your soul with warm tingly psychedelic amazingness!

Multiple ‘professional stoners’ have now sampled these ‘purple sky dragon tails’, and the feedback is fluffy, dreamy, HIGH, bubbly, hazy, lovely, giggly, psychedelic, happiness… that gently lands your bliss cloud back on the ground after a few hours floating through time. Well balanced, uplifting but not racy, without paranoia or anxiety.
Basically, perfection in the happy, kind, psychedelic weed categories 🙂

Flavour: woody, mild grape, mild sandalwood
Smell: grape, earthy, musk

This plant is also so amazingly beautiful while growing that I would consider growing it again as an ornamental plant if the high was underwhelming… but turns out the high is spectacular as well – so Lagkitan is a keeper!!!!

Whoever created these amazing genetics in the Philippines – this is a masterpiece! Big love and gratitude from the Santa Cruz Mountains!