Genetics: Muh Muang Wild mango
Latitude: 19 N
Height:  3-4 metres outdoor (10-13 ft)
Veg: 16-18 weeks.
Flower:  12 -20 weeks
Aromas: mango, cookies,lime,fruity,cumin,mango
Flavour: acidic, woody,fragrant
Effects: psychoactive,euphoric,energetic,inspiring,meditative
Yield: medium-high
Pehnos: 6
Characteristics: strong,resistant,tall,lemon and mango aromas
Cultivated: 2300 (7500 ft) meters above sea level



Great resistance and vigour in the first thing you will notice inthese plants. A fine Sativa from Thailand with narrow leaflets. It grows quickly and has wide internodal spaces, large serrated leaves, thick and resistant stems. The branches can be bent without breaking. The flowering is distant up to the middle of the branches, then it forms beautiful and very productive colas creating a slender and imposing coonic plant. The buds are loose and the calyxes of a good size with wide and large glandular trichomes. It has good production of stigmas that as they mature become dark brown, starting yellow and light.

The effect is inspiring, psychoactive and introspective, powerful with pleasant mango, cookies  and lemon aromas. This Thai genetic line is differentiated from other Thai lines by its accelerated pace of growth and flowering since  we have also found  a phenotype of 12 weeks of flowering and an outstanding production among the other phenotypes. In addition to these qualities, the combination of terpenes is unique, pleasant and perfect. Smelling it is both intoxicating and inspiring, the smell penetrates your sense of smell.

This line is a perfect choice to create new varieties with high resistance to the difficult conditions of many natural environments in addition to providing a diverse and unique chemical profile.