Father: Romulan BX1 from Romulan Genetics

Type: Cross (Thai x Mexican x Columbian x Afghani) x Columbian
Vegetative: 10 weeks indoor using soil and led lights
Flowering: 70 days
Height: Tall at around 150-180 cm in a 16L pot
Yield: medium-high
Aromas: spicy, skunky, old fruit, distinctive, eye watering!
Flavour: fruity, earthy, sweet/sour, mouth-watering. Excellent for vape
Effects: clear-headed, uplifting, good medical strain for PTSD, nerve-based pain, muscle spasm and anxiety.
Characteristics: Good resistance to mould and pests and tolerant to heat and cold.

Mother:  Pakistan1975 from The Land Race Team

Type: Landrace Pakistan, unknown location
Vegetative: 12-14 weeks indoor using soil and led lights
Flowering: 50-60 days
Height: 0.8-1.2m (Indica dominant) in 16L pot
Yield: medium
Aromas:, metallic, earthy, fruity
Flavour: incense, metallic, sweet with a sour back note
Effects: Not for inexperienced. Outstanding pain relief. Not a day smoke unless using for pain. Physically motivating, mood enhancing and good for sleep.
Characteristics: Characteristics: colourful (from red to orange to black), iridescent underside of leaves, highly resinous, good for extracts, hollow stems.


We thought that crossing these two, with their spectacular array of colours would be a very good combination for those suffering from several ailments such as PTSD, all sorts of pains, lack of proper sleep etc. Clearly, with their combined medicinal benefits,  expect great things!


My partner has several long-term health conditions and finds Cannabis the most effective form of management. I like it because it helps me relax and with general aches and pains of a physical work life.

The claims made about the Pakistan’s pain-relieving abilities are spot on! She’s something special in this department. My partner was emotional when trying this for the first time and experiences the same, dramatic relief each time.
Healing and medicinal Pakistan1975 is.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised that, despite being so excellent medicinally, she does not cause couchlock. Indeed, my partner has found a sense of productivity that is rare with such complete pain-relief. She appears to have the entourage effect.