Genotype: Dioecious
Climate adaptability: Boreal, Continental and Oceanic
Vegetative cycle: 100/120 days max
Height: 1-2 meters
Full female flowering: 60 days from sowing
Average yield in seeds kg / ha: 500-800
Average yield in round bales T / ha: 4-6
Average yield in inflorescences ** (dry biomass): Kg / ha: 600-1000
THC: <0.2%
CBD *: 2-6%

Finola is a hemp strain (Cannabis Sativa L.) from Finland it grows even with a few hours of light. Developed in Scandinavian laboratories in the mid-90s. and intended for the production of food and oil, FINOLA  blooms quite quickly.

Appreciated for its high CBD content and low THC levels, this genetics is today particularly appreciated by growers of hemp inflorescences intended for the legal marijuana market (low THC  <0.2%).  Finola is a day neutral (autoflowering)  hemp varietal.

The difference between autoflowering and non-autoflowering cannabis strains lies in the fact that traditional autoflowering cannabis  blooms according to the biological cycle of the plant (with age) and not based on the hours of light received.

This means that regardless of the hours of light received, FINOLA plants will complete the growth cycle in 100/120 days maximum, guaranteeing more crops over the 12 months. Flowering begins generally after about 30 days from sowing, when male flowers begin to release pollen.

The flowering cycle, however, ends in the 50 days following sowingFinola is a dioecious, photo-independent variety. It is a genetics developed for the production of food seed but it is also excellent for the production of inflorescences and extraction of  biomass (CBD)