Genetics: Baguio Gold
Latitude:  16°N
Elevation: from 200 to 1700 m.a.s.l.
Height:  up to 2.5 metres
Veg: 12 to 18 weeks
Flowering:  from 11 to 18 weeks
Aromas: Lemon, pine, lime, earthy, sweet pineapple
Taste: sweet solvents, pine. Some woody with chocolate aftertaste
Effects: cerebral high, alert mind, meditative, sociable, uplifting, giggly, long lasting
Yield: medium-high
Phenotypes: 4 (one light purple)
Characteristics: some purple phenol
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoors


The Philippine sativa of Baguio Gold Lemon Pine is a jewel and is among the top of the best Philippine sativas and in general of all the sativas of The Landrace Team for its pleasant aromas of citrus, fruits, lime, lemons, earthy, pine, pineapple and sweet solvents. We also found a red purple phenotype with a good amount of resin.

This Philippine sativa has a vegetative stage of 12 weeks up to 18 weeks for the  phenotypes that take longer. Plant with vigour that reaches a great height in a short time, the internodal spaces in the first branches are wide but then they become shorter, in the same way the branches also have short internodal spaces that reduce as the plant grows. The leaves are of medium size, bright green, with 5, 7 and seldom 9 thin, serrated leaflets. Cconical structures for most of the plants, the longest phenotypes reach more than two meters in optimal conditions.

The flowering of the Baguio Gold Lemon Pine goes from 11 to 18 weeks, medium compact flowers, very resinous and  sticky,they emanate pleasant aromas of pine, lime, lemon, earth and sweet pineapple. The plant is a bomb and explosion of aromas for your sense of smell, its flavour lingers in the throat when smoking, it tastes concentrated sweet solvents and pine, it is a dense smoke. There is a phenotype that turns purple and red in its last stage of flowering. Furthermore this is a pheno that produces quite a bit of resin.

Meditative, pleasant, long-lasting sociable effect, some flowering phenotypes reach up to 2.5 metres, they are healthy, resistant and resinous flowers, with a medium-high harvest, very interesting to be worked and selected for their vigour, resin production and intense aromas.

These lines have been cultivated from 200 to 1800 meters above sea level and have responded in a satisfactory way to, managing to resist also difficult climatic conditions, very resistant genetics worthy of being cared for and protected.

Note: Some phenos  might have a taste of dark chocolate, minty, woody. chocolate icecream with hint of mint