Genetics: Nigerian landrace from Osun state
Variety: 100% sativa
Type: IBL from Nigeria
Local seasonal harvest: November in Nigeria
Flowering: 12-14 weeks
Aroma: Citrusy, menthol
Taste: Citrusy, hashy
Effect: euphoric, creative, giggles, joyful, talkative
Characteristics: Abundant bud production. Stays short indoors.


A 100% Pure Landrace Sativa Strain from Osun state. These seeds come from farmers in Osun state, Nigeria.
It has a creative , euphoric , talkative effect and it lasts for some hours. Flavour is citrus, Earthy taste. Euphoric, social, talktative, joyful. Joyful in the sense that it makes you see everything funny. You can’t be angry at anything. The only things that the Nigerian makes you feel are laughters and after a while you feel hungry.