Genetics: Esfahan Landrace (Iran)
Sourced by: The Landrace Team
Latitude: 32° N
Elevation: 1500 m.a.s.l.
Sowing season: April (in Iran)
Harvest month: September (in Iran)
Height:  1 – 1,5 metres
Aromas:  sweet and sour candy lemon, sweet herbs and spice, pinesol
Characteristics: Christmas tree structure, very sturdy plants
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse, indoors

An absolutely easy plant to grow, very vigorous and forgiving even for first time or inexperienced growers.
Most of the plants will display a sativa-dominant shape. Lush lateral branches and internodal spacing,. They mostly have a Christmas-tree like structure of approximately 1 to 1,5 metres in height in 5 gallons pots although can get taller if directly planted in the ground.

We have noticed two main phenotypes. One is taller and slower flowering. The other phenotype is shorter and faster flowering. The aromas on most of them include sweet and sour candy lemons, spices, sweet herbs and pinesol.