Genetics: Pure Landrace from Guatemala
Region:  Central America
Strain: Guatemala
Latitude: 15 N
Harvest: November
Height:  1m – 2m
Flowering: 11-12 weeks
Aromas: berries; fruity, lemon, slightly woody
Flavours: wweet, citric, woody
Effects: happy, clear, anti-depressant, calming, positive
Characteristics: C.American jungle weed, mould resistant
Grow Type: Outdoors, Greenhouse,  Indoors
Tolerates cloudy and wet days with ease. Great with mould. Easy & Fun


The Guatemala is a very tolerant pure Landrace sativa from the jungles of Central America. It has a medium-strong but friendly, happy high – great for all. Very positive.

This release is unworked and the parents are born of seeds collected at source in Guatemala.

The plant itself is great fun to grow and very easy. It tolerates cloudy days with a lower light intensity with ease. Wetter, rainier climates are no problems either, moulds should not be an issue.

The Guatemala grows with very strong branching, even strong secondary branching, which leads to slightly shorter, wider plants which may even be round in overall shape once the generous flowers have pulled the long branches down a bit to horizontal. The plants end up with an almost ‘friendly’ shape – easy to check and tend – without even a need for much, if any, pruning at all. Each layer of branches has enough light and air to develop fully and with great health.

The flowers themselves are very generous in size and a bit fluffy, which allows for a good airflow and prevents any moulds developing. The aromas are of a fruity, berry, sometimes lemony nature and the taste is sweet and sometimes a bit woody. The overall impression is very positive and similar to other landraces from Central America and especially Mexico. The white pistils mature to a burnt orange/brown which is also reminiscent of old Mexican weed.

This is a manageable and tolerant true-breeding landrace with a reasonable flowering time, great aromas and a very positive effect for all, medium strength of the highest quality. Its terpenes are old style but can be sweet and fruity. It’s a great starting point for making new and interesting hybrids. Great smoke, electric highs, strong but not overpowering, extremely pleasant.

Breeder’s Notes – this is an unworked landrace with a very low rate of hermaphrodite, very low but, as with most landraces, not completely zero. Having said that, stable phenotypes with great terpene profiles, good THC levels and positive effects can be found fairly easily.