Genetics: Pursat (Western Cambodia)
Latitude: 12°N
Altitude: 1700 – 2300 m.a.s.l. (5500 – 7500 feet)
Height: up to 2.5 metres
Veg: 14 – 16 weeks (outdoor)
Flower:  14 – 15 weeks (outdoor)
Aromas: lavender,spicey,camphor,mint,musk,wood,solvents,sweet coffee,cinnamon,
Taste: woody,minty,citrusy
Effects: psychoactive,euphoric,potent,long-lasting
Yield: medium
Phenotypes: 8
Characteristics: vigorous,thick stems,large leaves,abundant branches



This pure Sativa line from Cambodia is characterized by its beautiful spear-shaped and highly resinous branches with pleasant aromatic aromas of wood, solvents, sickening sweet coffee and cinnamon.

From a very young age, it shows beautiful vigor with thick stems and large leaves and abundant branches. The vegetative stage goes from 14 to 16 weeks, it reaches heights of up to 2.50 meters, 8 phenotypes, all large, vigorous with medium production.

Flowering takes around 14 -15 weeks maximum with a medium production and thin flowers with wide spaces that make up beautiful colas full of flowers and resin. The most intense aromas that come off from these plants is aromatic such as lavender, mint and woody, but also solvents and very sweet, disgusting coffee.

The effect is psychoactive, euphoric, potent and long lasting. The taste is woody and aromatic. The plants have grown perfectly from 1700 to 2300 meters above sea level.


PURSAT: The most traditional landrace sativa structure – a swarm of octopus-like spears shooting in all directions. Thinner flowers, but they are getting firm and dense. Ready for harvest November 10, but could go another week if weather permitted. NOSE: less fruity, more spicey, camphor, musk with a hint of fruit.


Psychedelic sativa, but a bit heavier and more spacey compared to the giggly cartoon circus vibe of the Cambodian Mondulkiri, the Pursat feels a bit more rustic, earthy, and relaxing, still powerful, but not as racey and hyper as the Mondulkiri.  Really enjoyed it, and got pretty into playing guitar with my headphones on – really focused and amplified all the subtle details and nuanced sounds. Another amazing tropical sativa landrace from Cambodia.