Genetics: Landrace variety from Transkei
Sourced: Locally sourced by local grower
Latitude: 31° S
Elevation: 700 – 1200 metres
Traditional use: Ganja. Smoking. Men and women and for spiritual uses too.
Height: 2 to 4 metres in natural outdoor environment
Sowing: End of October
Harvest: From end of March (first harvest) till June (last harvest)
Flowering: 14+ weeks
Aromas:bright mint,chocolate,tobacco,creamy,spicy,piney,aniseeed,dill,parsley,savoury herbs
Taste: Bright mint but with an underlying tobacco and chocolate.Very smooth
Characteristics: Sturdy,drought,mold,mildew resistant,very branchy,pixy dust trichomes
Effects: Meditative clear high.No ceiling or come down effect.Great uplifting sativa high!


The Transkei green is a legendary Pondoland landrace, also known as the “Wild Side” because of its remoteness and lack of infrastructure, which has also preserved the local landraces even from the coastal tourist trail hybrids. These seeds are from the foothills of the Transkei / Lesotho border in a very hidden and isolated valley where the locals have been growing underground cannabis crops for decades.

There are a range of terpenes from fuel, diesel  to minty, spice, pine. Some aniseed too. The effects are very meditative and focused clear high with no celling or comedown. The buds are a bright green with orange and red pistils. The brightness of the buds is given due to the pixy dust cristally tiny trichomes.  Transkei is a  pure sativa. They grow very bushy if topped and some untopped plants can reach 4 metres.

They are harvested in the months from end of March to June. The average flowering time is of 14 week but also some may take 18+ weeks. These in particular will have an abundance of pistils. There are also hazy phenotypes to be found . This can lead to think that  these are or may be connected to the old school hazes as the taste and smell of some of these phenotypes is typically reminiscent of the haze plants, some phenos were smelling like fuel and pissy having a high that can last up to four hours and more. Transkei is an early “finisher” in the sativa stable