Genetics: Sativa of Eastern Indian origins. Since 1930
Latitude: 20° S
Altitude: 200 m.a.s.l.
Traditional use: Ganja (used by rastas)
Effects:  Electric sativa high. Long lasting and potent.
Regional sowing: November
Regional harvest: April
Height:  up to 3 metres
Flowering:  Between 4 to 6 months (16 – 24 weeks) in Mauritius
Aromas: woody, lavender, mandarin, pineapple, citrus
Yield: Medium
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse, indoors
Local name: Gandia
Characteristics:  Long main stem. The long big bud is made up of many little buds Very long pistils. Few Side branches. Some show red stems. Conical and shrib structure.


This is a legendary Sativa plant, for many it is a dream, today, thanks to two collectors directly from Mauritius we have been donated these gems and are pleased to offer them to all of you. This is the cleanest of Mauritius that we have come by, its wild shape and structure are what characterize it, the flowers are airy and loose and full of medium and huge glandular trichomes, medium large calyxes that support this very interesting resin. Mauritius is a beautiful plant that grows with a slim and slender shape with very thin leaves.

It has  a vegetative stage that ranges from 14 to 18 weeks (at tropical latitudes) with wide internodal spaces from 8 to 20 cm, when it begins its vegetative stage they are reduced a little. Slender medium conic structures, some grow with an irregular shape, forming beautiful bushes with very wide radii, these phenotypes do not grow vertically, they grow sideways in an abundant, vigorous and thin manner;  3 .5, 7, and 9 leaflet leaves, of light olive green colour, very narrow leaves, beautiful spears that point to the sky when they feel sufficient light energy, the stems emit pungent odors of a very subtle sweetness. It reaches a height of 160 cm to 3m.

Some grow in the shape of a long tower and the branches do not grow much. They begin their flowering at  150cm and others at 220 cm. Both those with a conical structure and those with a structure of a shrub take a “broken” shape in its stems forming beautiful  tails loaded with large aerated chalices with large glandular trichomes with exquisite soft aromas of spices and fruits such as mandarin and pineapple which are the more marked aromas, the spices are more subtle. It  forms beautiful tails full of airy flowers with small and very thin leaves within the flower clusters. The full flowering stage ranges between a minimum of  13 weeks and 16 weeks maximum (at tropical latitudes)

The smoke is woody with a touch of incense. The effect is very active, energetic, very cerebral and euphoric. It is long-lasting and gives you a feeling of motivation and the more you consume it  the more you will feel “enveloped”.We have not seen a variation in colour, it is very light olive green and it stays like that throughout the vegetative and flowering stages. In its last stage of flowering it becomes very yellow.