Genetics: Turkish Landrace hash cultivar
Sourcing: Collected at source by The Landrace Team
Purpose: Bud and Hashish (sieved)
Latitude: 37N-38N
Elevation: 700-1000 m.a.s.l.
Sowing/Harvest: February-March /mid July till mid August
Height: 1.5 metres (or more) in outdoor
Aroma: Natural grass,floral,lemon,incense,hash,apple,rose,mango
Effects:Clean head, uplifting,happy,relaxing.
Grow type: Outdoor,Greenhouse,Indoors
Characteristics: Early flowering,fast finisher,bushy,compact,cbd, plants don’t smell.


Fast-flowering Landrace personally sourced and collected in Turkey (Kurdistan).
Hashy aromas, light lemony, flowers, smells of natural grass, mango, some wood. Clean and light head that makes you function efficiently and remain vigilant and present to yourself in a relaxed way. The effect is moderate and like several other Landraces from the Middle East suggests the presence of cbd. It can express several chemotypes ranging from CBD to THC dominant. The plants have been grown for centuries and the tradition in hashish making is as old as these plants.

Locals start sowing as early as mid of February and harvest starts as early as mid of July until mid of August. This is an early flowering and fast finisher requiring minimal amount of space. Flowers are compact but not too dense. The resin they produce is between yellow and brown with hashy and light citrusy notes. Effect is well balanced between body and mind.It lasts between one and two hours. Sometimes up to 3 hours. If consumed repeatedly it gives a more sedative feeling.

The shape of the plants remind us very much of Moroccan and Lebanese plants. The flowers and the buds produce a very natural aroma such as natural fresh grass, with light hints of hash,incense, floral and lemon. All very delicate. The effect is uplifting but moderate, making you feel happy but present, focused and active. It also makes you feel energetic, active, lively, dynamic. If you’re feeling depressed this is a good medicine as it makes depression go away making you feel relaxed. The effect lasts between aminimum of 1 hour to 3hrs. CBD is surely present due to the feeling of general relaxation the plant gives you like Middle Eastern landraces.

One of the best qualities of this plant is that it is harvested starting as early as mid July till mid August making it appealing for those who don’t want to wait too long or don’t have enough time to wait due to weather conditions such as short summers. A great daytime smoke,nicely balanced and not too strong with a nice old-school rustic aroma, not comparable to modern hybrid strains. A spicy and mild indica taste. Another great feature of these plants is that they don’t give off any smell…