Genetics: Chinese landrace (unknown origins)
Sourcing: via genebank
Height: 1.2 – 2 metres (4-6 feet)
Vegetative: from 7 to 12 weeks
Flowering: from 7 to 9 weeks (very short/fast flowering)
Aromas: Pennyroyal, mix of mint, cream and fruity, sweet,floral,rose,pineapple,pineberry
Effects: Relaxing without sedation. Conducive to meditation, antidepressant
Phenotypes: 3
Characterisics: stable,resistant,early flowering,vigorous,dual purpose plants,seeds and flowers
Grow type: Outdoors, greenhouse, indoors


Genetic variety from China, interesting, special, very important and valued by us within our collection of landrace seeds. Genetics with very unique characteristics in terms of resistance, earliness and quality of growth. Its vegetative stage goes from 7 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks. It develops a great abundance of foliage where we can observe plants with wide leaflets but without becoming an indica since their internodal spaces are wide, as well as we find phenotypes with wide leaves and thin leaves as well.

We found great diversity, the phenotypes of wider leaves are worthy of being selected for fiber because of their speed and agility to thicken the stems and branches, it is a very important genetic to explore as there are a number of qualities that make it so unique, being precocious and vigorous and reaching heights of 2 meters in such a short time outdoors. This is something special to be explored in depth.

Some plants in their vegetative stage smell like pennyroyal plants, a mixture of mint with cream and fruits, some in the end take a dark purple colour in the leaves in the last stage of flowering. Plants with more sativa leaflets grow splendid and are more psychoactive and resinous, they also remain early finishers like the more indica phenotypes, this is a quality for the indica and sativa phenotypes within this genetic; the precocity, resistance and quality of fiber.

The flowering stage goes from 7 to 9 weeks, during which the plants create floral clusters loaded with calyx, thus forming an abundant flower and beautiful loaded tails. The aroma of its flowers is of creamy Pennyroyal and very intense fruits, large seeds, its effect is relaxing without being sedative, it induces you to meditation.


The smell is sweet, fruity, floral, for the large pheno. The medium pheno is more  roses, pennyroyal, floral, herbal spice. The shorter smaller pheno (with the best floral structure) has more fruit like smells like pineapple or pineberry. The effects are antidepressant, meditation-like quality.


Important plants due to their extremely short flowering cycle. Very nice high,energetic,euphpric,medicinal,full body effect and very unique. Uncommon terpene profile. Likelihood of the THCV and CBG presence. No hermies. Stable.