Genetics: S.Waziristan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,  N.W.Pakistan,
Sourcing: Local grower from a village in S.Waziristan
Latitude: 32°N
Purpose: hash
Aromas: Apricot,papaya,mulberries,peaches,plums,wallnuts,peppermint,narutal herbs
Height: 180 to 250 cm (6-8 feet) outdoor
Sowing: March-April in Waziristan
Harvest: Late September through end of October in Waziristan
Yield: High
Taste: hash,majoon
Effects: cerebral, clear deep thinking, long lasting (3-4 hours), pain relief
Characteristics: very resinous, pink,purple,violet,dark and dark red (shiny) phenos
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoor


Hailing from South Waziristan, these are plants grown by very few growers and farmers since the Taleban have taken over the cultivation of cannabis. Few families are forced to grow few plants and hand rub in their houses for fear of the Talebans.

The Talebans are growing cbd plants for the Chinese market, thus they have forbidden the locals to grow their own plants. The local grower reported that if they would grow THC plants outdoors the Talebans would cut their plants and their fingers too.

Nobody grows now outdoor but in their yard or within their own private gardens. Plants cultivated and grown inside families’ gardens like these ones give good quality hash. Also, the plants tended at home, produce more quantity of resin. These seeds come just from one particular family who has selected seeds from the best specimen, for potency and colour. You should be able to find purple,violet,blackish,brown,green,red phenos. These are fresh seeds from November 2022 harvest picked up from the best looking plants in the family garden.

These are sturdy and resilient plants, with a somewhat sativa ancestry. We haven’t seen squatty or bushy plants although that doesn’t mean that it won’t be possible to find squatty and bushy plants. Also the effects are more on the sativa spectrum, very cerebral at the beginning to then give space to a deep relaxation towards the end of the high.

The leaves morphology too makes us believe that these are to be considered more sativa plants than indicas. Also the flowering time is clearly more that of a sativa than an indica. Only the bud formation tells us that these are more indicas. Compact flowers and compact cured buds after. These plants have the best of both worlds.

Please note that these are NOT indoor or outdoor reproductions. These are fresh seeds directly from Waziristan, from November 2022 harvest.