Genetics:  100% African Sativa from Gambia
Latitude: 13° N
Sourced in Gambia in February 1999
Traditional use: Ganja (seedless)
Height: Up to 2 metres and more in natural outdoor environment (summer months)
Regional Harvest: July in their place of origin
Vegetative: between 12 and 14 weeks in a photoperiod close to 12/12
Flowering: Between 13 and 16 weeks in a photoperiod close to 12/12
Aroma: fruity,peppery,woody,minty,fabric softner,old-school bubblegum
Effect: Powerful, electric , psychoactive, energetic, active, motivating, creative, long duration
Characteristics: Powerful, vigorous and resistant,primal looking plants
Grow type: Outdoor, Greenhouse, Indoors


Gambia  is a powerful, vigorous and resistant genetics. The plants have a vegetative stage of 12 to 14 weeks with medium internodal spaces, stems with scarlet and purple colours.Their leaves are of a light green and serrated , they tend to bend upwards,  the leaves have purple colours on the underside, reddish and purple petiols; The plants  has few leaves in the buds.

To be a 100% sativa is very fast in its flowering stage that goes from 13 to 16 weeks, the floral structure is in the form of loose wheat spike that creates giant floral clusters in its main apical buds and especially in its central apical bud.The calyxes  are round, large and hard with a moderate amount of resin production. It gives off  fruity aromas with hints of peppermint and pepper, the underside of the leaves is of purple colour.

Both flavor and taste  are woody, peppery and with a touch of mint. The effect is powerful, electric and psychoactive, energetic and of long duration, motivating to carry out a creative work that requires endeavour. The effect disappears leaving zero trace of heaviness in the body, only a feeling of happiness.