Genetics: South American ganja cultigen
Region: Huila – (South America)
Strain: Mango Biche – Colombian Landrace
Sourcing: Personally collected at source in Huilia
Latitude: 1° N
Harvest: End of October
Height: 3 – 4 meters in optimal conditions in natural environment
Seeds: Regular
Vegetative stage: 16 to 20 weeks
Flowering: 15 to 18 weeks
Aroma: Sweet green mango
Grow Type: Outdoors,Greenhouse, indoors (requires experience)
Characteristics: Well known throughout the world for its delicious aromas of sweet green mango, its effect is clear, cerebral, lysergic and psychedelic, has great growth vigour in optimal conditions. Very resistant to continuous rains, pests and fungi.


Southern Colombian variety from the department of Huilia cultivated by local farmers. There are pleasant temperatures of 20° to 25° Celcius. The true Mango Biche was cultivated until 15 years ago in these beautiful places of the Colombian massif (mountain ranges between 1400 and 1800 metres above sea level). Now there is variability and presence of indica genes, in the few places where they can be currently found they have high percentages of hermaphrodites damaged by inbreeding. Currently the cannabis market is dominated by the sale of Dutch and hybrid genetics, and the local varieties  have been sidelined and replaced  due to their long growth  cycles.

Mango Biche is famous throughout the world for its delicious aromas of green and sweet mango, its effect is active, clear,  cerebral and long lasting. This variety has a vegetative stage tha goes from 16 to 20 weeks, its flowering is between 15 to 18 and also 20 weeks.  Under natural and optimal conditions it exceeds  4 meters in height, has great vigour and resistance to pests and fungi, it also withstands large amounts of water, its structure is conical.

Most plants have a very symmetrical and cone-shaped pattern, some have very beautiful reddish and scarlet stems and petioles, with large thin and serrated leaves, leaves of 5,7,9 leaflets, maximum width of 2cm of a bright green clear colour. A phenotype has a combination in its purple green calyx in the last flowering stage. There is a phenotype that is not characterized by its strong aroma of Mango, it is a little more pungent, but without losing the mango background  that characterizes this native colombian line. Its effect is cerebral and euphoric, very motivating and active, in some cases psychedelic and lysergic. The smoke is dense and with woody taste,s some very fragrant on the palate, they need a good cure to get the maximum potential.

An old Colombian Native line collected by Criposo Art in the 90s from the hands of local peasants from the 60s, 70s, offered to the public only through The Landrace Team. It has been preserved at 1500 meters during all this time.