Genetics: Pakistani Landrace
Location: Pakistan. Unknown location
Source: private donor
Characteristics: Purple, red, dark brown, black leaves. Purple red stems and branches
Height: 1.5 metres max 2m
Flowering: (forthcoming)
Aromas: sweet guava and solvent. Some fruity notes and marked lulo smell.
Taste: woody
Effects: medicinal, healing
Grow type: outdoors, indoors, greenhouse
Characteristics: very resinous, bonzai looking indica

The source of these seeds is an oldtimer grower and breeder with many years of experience under his belt. This is the story as he told us:

“My Aunt was married to a teacher from the UBC (University of British Columbia). He was a friend in the 70’s of the Pakistani teacher who brought the seeds back from Pakistan. (That was in 1975 hence the name we have given to these plants). When the project was shut down he took some seeds and clones like many others did. 
The guy who brought them passed away a few years ago. Although I don’t think he knew the effect he had on the Cannabis world because he wasn’t a smoker. My uncle is though still. But he doesn’t grow anymore. So that’s the story. Once you grow and try it you’ll see why it is an important plant.

A Pakistani professor working at the University of British Columbia brought these back from Pakistan in 1975 for a program at the univesity to study Cannabis for chemo patients. They grew a few hundred plants and tested and inbred it once for high thc and other cannabinoids. A few years later they lost their permission and were told to destroy the plants. Of course seeds and cuttings made it out and have been around ever since.

It’s a short , almost  Bonzai looking Indica. The grower and breeder with many years of growing and breeding says “I find it the most medicinal and healing Indica I have ever had. It might hermie sometimes a bit but seems to only produce sterile seeds when it does. The buds are small and hard and very resinous. It tastes like wood and breeds true. The effect is slow to come on and very nice and healing. I have grown hundreds of strains and have finally come down to a few special ones and this is one. Many people have crossed it to other strains with success. It’s great for making hybrids with the landraces as well”.

Pay no attention to the clone only stories and all the others. The grower and breeder has the real one. The yield is smaller than modern plants but produces very resinous buds.

The Pakistan 1975 is an indica line with beautiful qualities and characteristics, its vegetative stage ranges from 12 weeks to 14 weeks maximum reaching a height of between 1,5 metres and 2 meters with a beautiful rounded and conical structure, some of which widen in the middle and look like bushes, some phenotypes are of almost black/purple stems, a quality of them very noticeable from its first stages of growth as well as the underside of its leaves; the stems are thick and robust. Its leaves are of 5 and 7 very broad leaflets with great foliage. In its flowering stage the leaflets are reduced in quantity and width, they become narrower than in the main shoots, at the end they become very sharp, their stems smell of sweet guavas and solvent, some are fruity with a marked aroma of lulo. It is a riot of colours. Since its vegetative stage it expresses colours ranging from yellow, orange, red, purple and purple almost black