Genetics: Pakistani Landrace
Location: Pakistan. Unknown location
Source: private donor
Height: 1.5 to 2.5 metres
Vegetative: 12-14 weeks
Flowering: 55 days (8 weeks)
Aromas: sweet guava,solvent,fruity,lulo,earthy,hashy,lemon,pine,cedar,incense,sandalwood,gassy
Taste: woody,sweet,fruity,metallic,gassy,earthy,perfect kush
Effects: medicinal,healing,soothing,uplifting,euphoria,sedating,body high
THC: very high
Phenos: 6 or more
Grow type: outdoors, indoors, greenhouse
Characteristics: very resinous, short bonzai looking,solid buds. Purple, red, dark brown, black leaves. Purple red stems and branches


Pakistan 1975 the top of the resinous lines that we have encountered at The Landrace Team so far; earliness in resin production, resistance, beauty, riot of colours. For us it is a very special and wonderful line as well as its organoleptic and phenotypic qualities make it so unique within our genetics that this indicates that we consider it a champion, its medicinal and narcotic effect is of very high quality, its cannabinoid profile makes it a great tool for breeding projects and genetic improvement. The amount of resin is incomparable, its aromas of sweet solvents and fruits such as lulo and kiwi are very peculiar to this line, there are also sweet citrus and eucalyptus notes, a unique and special combination.

The structure of these plants  is very vigorous, the stems and the leaves are thick and broad, its vegetative stage is lush and abundant,  full of beautiful olive green and large leaves. From its germination stage, it has great vigour that can be observed in its cotyledons and thick stems. Already from this stage it shows purple colours in its stems and the first leaves start broad, robust and a little wrinkled, some show these small shoots completely purple. After becoming a seedling it grows at an accelerated and vigorous rate showing abundant foliage and creating plants with tower structures and some conic plants reaching between 120 cm and 180 cm, thick and colorful stems, purple petioles of light green, large leaves with 5, 7 and 9 very wide leaflets that become thin in flowering and show mostly purple, red, yellow, and marbled colors. It really is a wonderful combination of colours;

The vegetative stage goes between 12 to 14 weeks maximum, forming beautiful indica plants whereas it takes only 50 to max 60 days to complete its flowering cycle, time in which it forms beautiful medium-sized flower clusters of and some small but compact ones but ultra-resinous. The yield is medium  but it is compensated by its quality and quantity of resin. The calyxes are of medium size,  reddish-green purple, very resinous with huge glands that give off very intense aromas of solvents and sweet enamels, fruits such as lulo and very sweet kiwi, laurel and eucalyptus A really beautiful and unique combination!

The structure is very symmetrical and compact the leaves closest to the buds become very resinous and when seen from afar they look like snowflakes Their flowering starts in the green shades and ends in a clear bright yellow, very beautiful when dried as  it looks almost white and shiny from so much resin and it looks like it has been sprinkled with shiny snow.

Its fragrance on the palate when smoked is very long-lasting and intense, when you stop toking and breathe through your nose you will find a clearer explosion of intense clean and long-lasting aromas on your palate. The effect is very narcotic, very sedative, relaxing, which gives you great well-being, makes you feel calm and comfortable. It has medicinal qualities and you can feel it has healing properties. This is a great genetics to have for medical marijuana patients, old timers, collectors, breeders, growers and those who know from experience what it means to smoke pure oldschool plants.

Powerful, heavy hitting strain (both cerebral and physical) that helps ease the pain caused by all sorts of ailments. This strain could be easily used as a substitute for morphine for cancer patients suffering from the adverse effects of chemotherapy treatments. Powerful high and strong, relaxing effects. Ideal for those looking to deal with all sorts of pains and aches, insomnia, stress, lack of appetite and anxiety. Once you grow and try it you’ll see why it is a very important plant to have. There are two phenotypes with scarlet, purple colouration, also one that has both purple and green in it. This is an incredible line to select from if you ar einto breeding.



My partner has several long-term health conditions and finds Cannabis the most effective form of management. I like it because it helps me relax and with general aches and pains of a physical work life. We’ve grown since the mid-1990’s. The claims made about the Pakistan’s pain-relieving abilities are spot on! She’s something special in this department. My partner was emotional when trying this for the first time and experiences the same, dramatic relief each time. We’ve been pleasantly surprised that, despite being so excellent medicinally, she does not cause couchlock. Indeed, my partner has found a sense of productivity that is rare with such complete pain-relief. She appears to have the entourage effect. 



Amazing flowers and smells, aromas, ohhh the smoke is fantastic! We make a little hash with our hands…I dont have words to explain…completely deep in my mind and my body…I give you my congratulations for this magical plant..thank you once again! They stick to your hands, incredible amount of resin!



The show stopper, old school Pakistani. Dark purple stems, green leaves, and purple sheen under. Amazing effects, super intense, psychedeli,c mystical and all really well balanced. No lethargic nor couchlock. Life amplifier.