Genetics : (Oaxaca’79 x Panama R.)  x Pure Haze  (Old Timer’s – Colombian Phenotype)
Region: Central America x South America
Strain: Oaxacanama Haze
Latitude: 16°N
Harvest: November – December
Height:  2 – 3 metres easy
Flowering: from 13 to 16 weeks. Some may go longer. This is a tropical sativa
Aromas: dried fruits,floral,sweet cream,lemon,pepper, gentle haze spices
Flavours: sweet cream,dried fruit,medicine
Effects: Happy,Creative,Playful,Energetic, Euphoric,Clear. 100% Tropical sativa with 100% Tropical effects.
Characteristics: A massively tropical plant of huge vigour and elegance with a beautiful mix of flavours and aromas from the regions
Grow Type: Outdoors,greenhouse,indoors (very experienced growers)
Breeder: Grover Sativa



The mother is a classic F1 between a Oaxaca sativa, a very aromatic female with a complex lemon-based terpene profile and a Panamanian sativa of huge yields, resin production and flower quality (a ‘reversed’ female with huge bracts and resin production and a very good flower to leaf ratio.) The aromas are mainly lemon, vanilla and sugary gum.

The father is a 100% pure haze with a fantastic frame and huge vigour. Very heavily leaning to the Colombian side of the phenotypes.

The F1 mother chosen for this cross was the most impressive in terms of the aromatic qualities and also extremely high in terms of the resin qualities. The yields were also very generous, due to the hybrid vigour between these 2 true breeding lines.

The character of the Mexican, from the southern state of Oaxaca, is more towards the classic happy Mexicans of the 70’s than some of the more crazy Oaxacans. Very clear and bright, mentally relaxed and happy effects. The Panama has a more elegant and dreamy quality about it but also pure sativa.

The combined effects mean that the F1 mother are powerfully psychoactive. Very vibrant and creative and full of energy. The pure Haze adds a real zip to the other side, the energetic, electric side, maybe a tiny little piece of craziness. A pure haze father was chosen to be used for this cross. It has been recently selected from a very old population of haze genetics, slightly more colourful than the pure green “thai” hazes.

All the hazes from this population had a tendency towards the Colombian phenotypes but this one male passed on qualities that were extremely Colombian not just in effect and aroma but even the ‘feel’ of the flowers. Still, this is a pure haze and also passes on those classic pure haze qualities to his progeny, too.

The combination will not let you down in any respects, really. If you loved the old Mexican and Colombian lines from the 70’s or want to try a haze hybrid unlike any you have tried so far, a 100% pure,tropical sativa, then this is the line for you!

The plants have extreme vigour. They will outgrow any height restrictions you impose. Indoors would be for the most experienced haze-onauts as this is a plant that wants to reach for the pure, blue sky. Grow her in the greenhouse or outdoors in a mediterranean or tropical climate and you will be rewarded with huge monsters carrying massive yields of high quality flowers, due to the sheer size of the plant even though the buds themselves are actually rather small.

The flowers grow right along almost vertical branches, from the middle to the outer edge. The innermost buds being exactly as high a quality as the ones on the outside. Minimal snazzlefratz or wasted popcorn flowers here. The flowers are small and contain very little leaf material and the structure of the plant is very open, so mould won’t be too much of an issue. Air can flow easily through the flowers and plant and the light can reach every part.

As for the quality of the flowers, it is from the very top. The resins are exquisite and encrust the branches and flowers from the start. The flower to leaf ratio is very good too as is the look of the small, tight buds themselves. The aromas and flavours are from Mexico with a Colombian supporting act. It is not a classic haze zest but there are some hazy aromas that you will recognise in the mix. The bag appeal is high but this is no commercial plant.

The highs are like the best quality versions of the classic Mexican and Colombian brick weed sativas of the 70s and 80s – but on a totally modern feeling flower (due to the more ‘highly worked’ Panamanian line). 100% sativa. 100% happy. Clear and with energy. Not quite so crazy like the more Thai style hazes.

The vigour is definitely something to behold but this does mean that indoors this plant is a menace. It will grow past your lights, past your extractor inlet and right to the ceiling. It is crazy tropical and crazy tall. Prune, bend, twist and do your magic dear haze growing wizards, for you will need to. The yields when growing indoors, due to the sheer length of the branches, will not be great. Take her outdoors. Let her breathe fresh air and see the sun.

Likewise with flowering times, the tropical way means that flowering times can be long. You can find slightly more compact phenotypes (with superb shaped frames) that will flower a few weeks quicker and carry a slightly more dreamy Panamanian effect but mainly these plants will need time to finish, true to the best pure hazes and Colombians.

These have been grown the organic way, with organic methods and they loved them. The all-round flower quality really is so high that It is like beauty within the vigorous beast. At the time of writing this is a very limited edition release (5 packs) but if it receives positive feedback a new release will be possible. Enjoy!

P.S. Even for hardened smokers, this is extremely strong, psychoactive and very introspective.