Both the Sinaloa and the Guatemala are very fruity and great aromatically. The Guatemala has a great yield and the Sinaloa chosen for this cross is particularly refined.
Below you can find data on both parents used for this creation.


Genetics: Pure Landrace from Guatemala
Region:  Central America
Strain: Guatemala
Latitude: 15° N
Harvest: November
Height:  1m – 2m
Flowering: 11 – 12 weeks
Aromas: berries; fruity, lemon, slightly woody
Flavours: sweet, citric, woody
Effects: happy, clear, anti-depressant, calming, positive
Characteristics: (Unworked) Jungle weed from Central America.Tolerates cloudy and wet days with ease. Great with mould
Grow Type: Outdoors, Greenhouse,  Indoors


Genetics: Sinaloa (Mexican domesticate)
Latitude: 25° N
Altitude: 1800 m.a.s.l
Vegetative:  12 – 14 weeks
Flowering:  12 – 13 weeks
Height: 150 to 180 cm (some up to 230 cm)
Aromas: Grapefruit, wood, mint, eucalyptus
Effects: potent, psychoactive, energetic, euphoric, clear, meditative.
Phenotypes: 4
Characteristics: fast, tolerates muggy season
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor