Genetics: Chocolate Thai
Latitude: 19 N
Elevation: 1500-2300 m.a.s.l.
Height: 150-200 cm
Veg:12-14 weeks
Flower: 11-14 weeks
Yield: medium
Aromas: sweet chocolate,coffe,cedar
Flavour: creamy
Effects: energetic,psychoactive,euphoric,optimistic
Phenos: 5
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoors


The Sativa Chocolate Thai is a powerful plant with a slender structure and with leafy and airy buds with pleasant aromas  of  chocolate and coffee. Thai Chocolate began to be marketed in the 1960s and some presentations were similar to Thai stick and Laos, buds held around a bamboo stick.

This Thai Sativa has a short vegetative stage of 12 and 14 weeks and also a short flowering time like for some other Thais, between 11 and 14 weeks. It grows vigorously and slender ending with dark green and yellow brown flowers with yellow green foliage reaching heights of 150 cm to 200 cm for the longest phenotypes in optimal conditions. It is a plant that likes a dry, airy and very sunny climate; the nutrients it requires are minimal, as is the care.

The production is medium, the aromas of chocolate, coffee, cedar are the ones that stand out. The flavor is creamy and aromatic with an energetic, psychoactive, optimistic and euphoric effect, these are the most outstanding qualities in them, we find 5 phenotypes and the most special is the one that smells like sweet cooked chocolate. These plants have been tested at 1550 masl and 2300 masl behaving in an excellent way and giving a good production at these altitudes. Something essential for a vigorous and healthy development is the direct solar radiation that they receive  or good quality lights. They withstood  extreme cold conditions.