Genetics: Cabeza de Negro aka Bahia Blackhead (Bahia state – Brazil)
Latitude:  12° N
Elevation:  1500 m.a.s.l.
Veg: 10-14 weeks
Flower:  13-14 weeks
Height: 2.5 metres in optimal conditions
Phenotypes: 8
Aromas: citrus, sweet mango,candy,floral,piney
Taste: fruity, woody, somewhat acidic
Effects:  long lasting, energetic, psychoactive, meditative
Yield: medium-high
Characteristics: fast, resinous, high vigour. Heat,drought, pests resistant


Beautiful vigorous fast resinous sativa with sweet fruity and caramel aromas. It is also known under the names of Cabeca de negra and Bahia Blackhead coming from the state of Bahia, north east Brasil.

It is a medium large tall sativa that reaches heights of up to 2.50 meters or more in optimal conditions.
Cabeza de Negra is a sativa with medium compact flowers. Strong  thick stems with citrus aromas and sweet mangoes with beautiful  vigour. The leaves are serrated  with mostly 7 leaflets,  with a very beautiful light yellowish green.

The vegetative stage goes from 10 to 14 weeks, time in which it grows rapidly forming several pairs of abundant branches and foliage: The intermodal spaces are short We have observed up to 8 different phenotypes, some vary only in the size of the plant but the structure and terpenes are identical, they are highly resistant to extreme conditions of heat and lack of water as well high resistance to pests and fungi.

The flowering of this beautiful Brazilian sativa is 13, 14 weeks, really  fast for a pure sativa.
To obtain this quality of sativa flower, we have classified it among our fastest sativas.
The buds are resin producers and compact even though they maintain the airy structure and sativa bearing.

Buds with abundant resin that emanates floral, fruity aromas and caramel notes. Some take on pinkish and reddish hues in the last stage of flowering. Others with some hints of purple in the final part of the stigmas. Sweet, fragrant and fruity flavour on the palate of long lasting duration. Energetic, psychoactive, meditative effect at the end.


Beautiful tropical sativa that may be ready for harvest by the end of October.
Aroma is soft, floral, with a bit of caramel… The long thin flower spears are now shooting in all directions, so the plant feels very animated even when the wind is not blowing. A cool tropical sativa that may be able to finish by the end of October when grown in California.