Genetics: Mozambique Poison
Latitude: 19°S
Elevation: 700 m.a.s.l
Vegetative:  13-15 weeks
Flowering: 12-15 weeks
Height: 2.50 metres max
Aromas: Sweet curuba (banana passionafruit), sour mango, enamel
Taste: woody,incense,fruity
Effects: Psychoactive,very euphoric,energetic,potent,long lasting high
Phenotypes: 4
Yield: medium-high
Characteristics: Some lower branches grow asymmetrically
Grow type: Outdoor, greenhouse, indoor

Antoher classic from the African classics. This is a genetic line a bit less known than the others, yet, it’s very sought after by old school sativa connoisseurs and lovers.

The great sativas from Mozambique are highly psychoactive, euphoric and with great potency. Unquestionably these are one of the most potent sativas ever sampled. Something that characterizes all of these plants is potency and aromas of sweet curuba (banana passionfruit), sour mango and enamel, varnish,  solvents and metallic.

It takes between 13 to 15 weeks for these plants to complete veg. The stems and the branches are slender with internodal spaces of between 5, 8 and up to 15 centimetres in their central stem, thin leaves of a bright green with sharp leaflets of 20 centimetres in size without counting the very large petioles and robust with a scarlet red streak.

They have a conical structure in all their branches. There is one phenotype in which the lower branches try to grow and reach beyond half the height of the plant. This phenotype does not grow conical because the lower branches develop in such a way that the symmetry of the plant is lost.

These phenotypes are not very symmetrical and some branches of the same node are longer than others. We could differentiate 4 phenotypes and amongst them minimal variations in height. The maximum height is 2.50 metres.

The flowers of the Mozambique Poison will be ripe between a minimum of 12 to a maximum 15 weeks. Flowers with few stigmas and pronounced stipules. The majority of the phenotypes retain a similarity in the aromas: sweet curuba (banana passionafruit). Some other phenotypes are more dark amber.

The buds are of medium size very sativa looking: thin, slender, airy and resinous with swollen and elongated calyxes.  With the passing of the weeks, some of them are taking light green almost yellow colours.

The structure of the resin is of medium size but very fragrant. Pleasant and sweet smell. The effect is definitely psychoactive, very euphoric ,energetic, potent and of long lasting duration. The taste when sampled is woody, incense and fruity. Some can be really potent and deliver overwhelming effects.


Another amazing African landrace. The Mozambique is getting bushy and shaggy with its long thin elegant leaves and now in November, the flowers are really starting to charge. We have 2 of this variety growing this season. One has purple/lilac flowers, while the other is currently still green. the crystal is forming, and things are getting exciting.
The flowers are beginning to radiate some delicate acrid floral aromas, but it is too early to tell exactly where the final aroma will be.