Genetics:  Drakensberg
Latitude:  29°S
Elevation: 2500 m.a.s.l
Height: 1.50 – 2 metres
Vegetative:  13-14 weeks
Flowering:  13-15 weeks
Yield: High
Aromas: fruity,sweet,acidic,incense,spicy
Taste: fruity
Effects: Highly psychoactive, euphoric, powerful, active
Characteristics: very resistant plants. Big yielder. Breding tool. Low leaf to bud ratio.


It is a pride for everyone at The Landrace Team offering this line to collectors and sativa lovers.
Many connoisseurs, breeders and collectors love these plants due to their great production of flowers and resin. Drakensberg cannabis is an excellent  breeding tool for the creation of other  resistant and resinous genetics of special and unique aromas. These plants have everything. Potency, resistant big yielders, beautiful, producer of resinous flowers. In other words they are perfect.

The vegetative stage of the Drakensberg goes from  13 to 14 weeks when it develops a vigorous structure of stems and thick branches with sweet aromas, internodal spaces ranging from  5 to 15 centimetres  in low branches, the central apical bud creates a very close structure, thus forming a nice tower to receive an abundant and almost compact flowering.

The leaves are jagged and very thin of 5 and 7 leaflets. Maximum 9 but very few with 9. The plants take a conic form with a central apical cola, very imposing, elongated  and lush. The internodal spaces between the branches are spacious next to the stem, but after the third and fourth nodes of these branches the spaces are reduced as she  grows and is prepares for flowering.In the meantime its main apical buds lose their symmetrical shape and take a broken form, supporting a compact and loose structure of this sativa.

When flowering begins, the accelerated growth stops in all the apical buds, beginning to cover their entire structure with beautiful, abundant and somewhat compact flowers without losing what characterizes airy sativa buds, great abundance of resin, large calyxes, sticky, some with purple hues at the tips of the leaves and buds.

The flowers are fleshy with great body and a hard resin, it’s the kind of sativa with hard and loose flowers at the same time, an excellent quality, you will not get tired of planting and selecting your best plants for the breeding of medicine or recreational genetics, for whatever  purpose you  have.

The flowering of this sativa takes from  13 to 15 weeks maximum.  It forms beautiful long flowers of 70 cm and  more, big yielders  and with little amount of leaves Inside and around the buds, which makes it very special. It will, perhaps, pass on these qualities  to their progeny  either in crossings of two or more sativas or hybrids.

They give off aromas of sweetness,  fruits, acidic, incense and a subtle touch of spices. The effect of the high is great. Strongly psychoactive and powerful.  You’ll be feeling highly euphoric and your spirits raised to the highest level making you feel a more active person. The taste after one puff pretty much matches the aromas:  fruity.

Perfect for collectors seeking interesting unique genes of very high potency, resistance and resin production  with a high diversity to explore at the medicinal level.
Recommended as all the sativas  of The Landrace Team.