Genetics:  Sinai Egypt (female) x Waziri Pakistan (male)
Latitude: 34 N
Elevation: 400 m.a.s.l. (1300 ft)
Purpose: Bud or Hash
Harvest: September – October (at latitude 34 N)
Height: 1 – 2 metres
Flowering: 7 – 9 weeks
Aromas: Sweet, pungent, fruity, peachy, chemical/gassy, pine, incense, floral.
Flavours: spicy, incense, floral, pungent
Yield: medium/high
Effects: Mediative, centering, calming, cerebral, positive, focused, relaxing, potent, clear, dreamy, uplifting.
Characteristics: Pink and white stigmas, bushy and open structures, fast flowering, sweet and pungent flowers.
Grow Type: Outdoors (warm climates), greenhouse, indoors.


This beautiful F1 cross is the result of two outstanding parental lines, Egyptian (Sinai) and Pakistan (Waziri).

Using multiple Waziri males, we were able to pollinate a number of Sinai mothers chosen for their health, vigour, and mediative effects. We have spent the last few years exploring the potential of the Waziri line and have been very pleased with its piney “kush” like flavor, and the centered, calming, mentally stimulating effect. Both parental lines tend to stay short and max out at around 2 metres. Both displayed superb vigour, drought and pest resistance. We have been developing them for outdoor, in ground cultivation but they perform very well both in containers and indoors.

The goal of bringing these two varieties together has been to maintain the short stature of both parents, while bringing the quick flower onset from the Sinai and the heavier resin production of the Waziri. The result has been offspring that flower earlier (sometimes starting in mid-late July, with bushier structures laden with thicker and denser buds. The taller plants cap out around 2 meters and can also be quite short (sometimes less than 1 metre).

Lots of plants produce very bushy, leafy colas, however a more open structure can also be found. A lot of expressions tend to lean towards the Egyptian parents, with the familiar pungent peachy flowers and incense profile. In this cross the intensity of the smell is enhanced and comes on stronger. They tend to be sharper on the pungency and sweetness.  A thoroughly enjoyable experience, from the ease of growing to the joy of consuming. This cross is a true pleasure to work with.

These plants tend to perform best when grown with organic fully composted fertilizers and a little goes a long way. They like to dry out in between waterings, can take a lot of environmental abuse, respond well to training, and thrive in poor soils.