Genetics: Pure Ethiopian Landrace ganja plant
Sourcing: Personally collected in Ethiopia
Region: Amhara
Elevation: 2500-2800  m.a.s.l.
Latitude: 12° N
Harvest: October/November
Height: 2.5 – 3 metres (or more)
Aroma: Earth, lemony, woody (seasoned wood), incense, spicy, minty, menthol, rose.
Effect: Blissful, expansive, talkative, social, positive, soaring, happy, uplifting, reflective, contemplative, spiritual, introspective, feelings of placid contentment.


The Ethiopian herb is a plant that is perfect for being out, better if in a natural setting, on your own or socializing. It has a mellow yet potent effect that comes in waves and then goes away making you feel very good in your mind, happy and alive, grateful for everything around you.It makes you experience very good and positive sensations. Not a single negative thought enters your head. Prepare yourself some munchies before sampling the Ethiopian. You will be hungry very soon! Seeds of dark brown and black colour. From small to medium to big sizes. These seeds were collected by The Landrace Team during the October/November 2019 Ethiopian expedition from local farmers in the Amhara region which is located in the North of the country, a region of spectacular beauty and amazing natural places.

The land has an idyllic and enchanting atmosphere which is conducive to the use of Ganja. It’s a place of ancient beauty and vibrations. These particular seeds come from a private grower who grows throughout the year thanks to the great sunny climate suitable for these plants.Usually seeds are sown during the rainy season which goes from May/June until August/September. This way the water during these 3 months will ensure good germination rates and also that plants get naturally watered during their first months.

The harvest season happens, usually, between October and November and December, but the weather and climatic conditions are such that one can grow and harvest all year round. These plants can easily reach considerable heights, between a minimum of 2 to 4 metres if well taken care of (good soil and water).The practice of light/medium defoliation is used when plants are still alive. When plants are seen to be ready for harvest, the last watering happens 5 days before plants get cut. Another technique used is to bury the big long buds (called “Dreads” because of their resemblance to a dreadlock, cob-style like) in a paper or aluminium foil.


I have an Ethiopian Amhara finishing in my grow room. I have another which is doing well) but it isn’t the same as the first one – its not tall and stretchy like that but shorter and bushier. It has colas not just bids. It is going to finish in 12 weeks (the other would have taken longer) and smells EXACTLY like a phenotype of Super Silver Haze that I have grown a thousand times It’s actually very nice – lots of resin and smells lovely. Great yield and great high (I’ve already tried some of the Snazzlefratz at the bottom.)Super Silver Haze is exactly the sort of modern line that I would imagine an Ethiopian may grow. It still gets you high but is quicker and fatter and more resinous.