Genetics. Angola Red
Latitude: 12° S
Source: private collector
Elevation: from 1300 to 2500 m.a.s.l.
Vegetative: 12-16 weeks
Flower: 14-16 weeks
Height: 150-180 cm
Phenotyopes: 7
Aromas: Basil, candies
Taste: woody
Effects: powerful,energetic,long lasting
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse, indoors
Characteristics:  humidity and drought resistant. Reddish and pink stems


Angola Red sativas have a very unique powerful and energetic effect, with unmistakable aromas of basil and various candy sweets! These aromas will remain on your palate when smoking These plants are machines when it comes to create floral stigmas. They are highly resistant to humidity and droughts and extreme conditions.

Moderately short flowering and abundant stigmas, we are fascinated by this line because we have cultivated it in cold and humid-temperate climates and they have behaved and finished optimally from 1300 meters to 2500 meters above sea level where it has withstood cold and lots of water. Even at 1,300 meters above sea level, it has finished without problems, enduring high levels of humidity and drought.

We have observed 7 phenotypes in this sativa from Angola, two of them with reddish-pink stems, the others are green, differing between them in height and terpene profiles. Abundant foliage of thin medium-wide leaflets, red and purple petioles, light green serrated leaves with great vigour.

They reach heights of 150 and 180 cm with medium and very short internodal spaces from the middle of the plant onwards. The vegetative stage goes from 12 and 16 weeks. The phenotypes with pink and reddish stems have large, very aromatic and sweet calyxes, all with a great abundance of stigmas. The  flowering takes between 14 and 16 weeks with the flowers having a characteristic smell of sweet basil and good amounts of resin.

The have a medium production of flowers. Most of the phenotypes are airy, but two of them have more compact flowers. These plants have a powerful long-lasting energetic effect, especially for the day with the taste being  woody and a little fragrant.