Genetics: landrace from Myanmar, Sagaing province
Elevation: 2300 m.a.s.l.
Latitude:  21°N
Height: Up to 4 metres in optimal conditions
Vegetative: 16-22 weeks in outdoor
Flowering: 16-20 weeks in outdoor
Aromas: sweet mango, creamy, eucalyptus, incense
Effects: Powerful psychoactive, long lasting, meditative, motivating, inspiring, euphoric.
Yield: abundant
Characteristis: pest and high humidity resistant, resinous, potent
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


A great 100% sativa plant  with high yields of flower and resin, aromas of incense, fruity in particularly of sweet mango, eucalyptus and cream.  A true organoleptic bomb that will invade your senses, resistant to pests and high humidity, a stylized plant, big yielder and and potent, perfect as a breeding tool if you want to create new genetic lines with unique profiles.

The full cycle of this beautiful sativa from Myanmar is between 7 and 9 months, that’s how long you will need for this beautiful sativa  to fully develop and show all its potential. Since it sprouts, the cotyledons  of this variety grow with vigour, they are large and long, we can observe the same strength of growth in their black, purple and green velvety stems. The inernodal spaces are of medium length  as well as the intermodal spaces of the branches are also of medium length and become shorter as the plants grows both for branches and their main stem.  The leaves have  5, 7 and 9 giant leaflets up to 25 centimetres and robust petioles with purple veins.

The vegetative phase goes from 16 to 22 weeks  reaching a size of up to 4 meters in optimal conditions,  with good light, good space in the root system and a balanced substrate. It does not need excess feeding, she prefers hard(ish) soils or let’s say more compact rather than loamy ones; We have noticed she reaches her full splendor in these types of soil. when she prepares for flowering the  main buds lose their symmetrical shape up and creating beautiful towers prepared to receive abundant flowering.

To complete the full flowering phase she will need from 16 to 20 weeks in which all these tower  structures in its main apical buds are filled with abundant flowers, without being compact, with some showing a wheat structure and some others with the floral clusters more close together and abundant. Light green, medium green and purple phenotypes In the last stage of flowering.

The resin produced by these plants gives off intense aromas of sweet mangoes, cream and incense. Very fragrant (pleasant and son the sweetish side of the spectrum) and durable flavor, Powerful psychoactive effect of long of duration, meditative, motivating, inspiring and euphoric. She is a perfect sativa line in all senses: growing, resilience and effect.