Genetics: Iranian landrace
Region: Razavi Khorasan
Strain: Iranian genetics
Sourcing: The Landrace Team in situ
Latitude: 34°N
Harvest: As early as September and as late as early December
Height: 1.5 – 2 metres (max.) outdoor depending on plant
Seeds: Regular
Vegetative stage: 2 – 3 months (max.)
Flowering: 8 – 12 weeks depending on plant
Aroma: Pepper, Cardamom, Mint, Citrus, Nag Champa, Horseradish, Garlic, Sweet musky spices, Menthol, Eucalyptus, Chocolate
Grow Type: Outdoors,Greenhouse, indoors
Characteristics: Stout,stocky,hardy,squatty,bushy plants but also christmas-tree like. The main characteristic of these plants is their diversity in terms of phenotypical expression as well as in terpene profile. High yielding plants.


These seeds have been personally collected by The Landrace Team from a private local farmer in Razavi Khorasan. You will notice that each plant will display different colours and aromas. Ideal for the pheno hunter. Plants are not domesticated, rather wild and unpredictable in terms of growth pattern and shape. Many expressions can be found. From christmas trees  to more squatty and round plants. Same goes for the leaf shape. Deep dark green leaves, very fat, thick ,broad and wide but also more slender types  with narrow leaves and lighter hues of green.

From 100% indica structures with shorter and thicker structure and flowering times to more sativa expressions requiring up to 12 weeks to finish (in indoor)  and all kinds of mixtures of both and anything in between. Plants with indica growth patterns but with sativa flowering times cannot be ruled out. Smells vary from plant to plant. The following aromas have been caught: spices, pepper, cardamom, mint, musk, citrus, eucalyptus, Nag Champa, horseradish, menthol, garlic, sweet musk, fruity, chocolate.   Flowers are pretty compact but some more airy. High yielding plants.

There is so much variation that the likelihood of them being wild or coming from wild plants is high. Some come from areas that have a very long history in growing for hashish production and are in places away from cities and pollution. Very potent and instant buzz. In some cases with instant laughters with uplifting sensations and a constant feeling of cheerfulness. A tingling in the chest area has been noted. The locals have the habit of smoking without adding tobacco.  It kicks in immediately and you feel it right into your chest and it’s hard to hold back the cough even if you’re an habitual smoker.

There is a pleasant warmth behind the eyes and a buzz in your head as well with a feeling of tranquil contentment. There is a strong impression and possibility that some of these plants have not been farmed by humans for many years due to the fact that they are very unpredictable while growing. Every plant is different from others, both in shape and height. This is what has been noted on several occasions.

Below is a link to a scientific study: ‘Assessment of Genetic Diversity and Population Structure in Iranian Cannabis Germplasm’ which can be very interesting and that can be summarized as follows:

  1. Iranian cannabis is closer to drug cannabis than hemp.
  2. Iranian cannabis is genetically unique.
  3. Hemp cultivars were probably derived from marijuana cultivars.
  4. Iranian strains are probably accessions that represent remnants of cultivated varieties from other regions. (Probably Afghanistan, Pakistan. That’s not to say they are Affie or Paki strains. They’d have reached Iran so long ago they are unique, and there is the possibility that the ancestral populations in the region they came from have disappeared).
  5. Iranian cannabis diversity is threatened by prohibition.
  6. Iranian cannabis varies on an East/West gradient.
  7. Looks like preserving Iranian genepool is very important. Especially from a drug/medical perspective.


Ancient wisdom, dreamy meditation effect. I was able to pull a nice chunky harvest in late June- early July in full natural sun. These are NOT auto flowers. These are NOT auto flower crosses. Many Middle Eastern landrace hash plant varieties (like the Iraq Babylon) have the 18 hour trait.  This Iranian plant tests around 20% THC, and it has an ancient wisdom dreamy meditative relaxing effect, not couch lock stupid, just clear, dreamy, and enlightening.
Bug resistance is high, slight mold risk in moist environments, as the origin is from an arid (desert-like) environment but still great mold resistance, just would not work well close to the coast or in rainy environments but way better mold resistance compared to most modern hybrids and zero powdery mildew. Smells like a perfumy spice bizarre, really unique complex deep ancient terp profile. Hairs can be white, pink, or even fuchsia! Can be 10 pounders depending on how long you veg them. I put $5 solar spotlights over them during veg in our garden to keep them from flowering, then they instantly go into flower when the solar lights are removed. Another amazing landrace variety with so many cool traits! One of my all time favorites since years  and still my favorite ‘indica’ type 🙂